Powerful Love Ritual

Sure, go to astro.com, introduce your birth details and see if your south node is in the same sign as your moon. You need to know your hours of birth though. Caution!!! As I have said, a LOT of aspects can ease this off or even cancel it :wink:


Thank you! Yes I have all my details including time of birth. I will have a look now.

Which spell did you do? I want a spell for long distance relationship. The guy has fought and the relationship seems to end. There is always misunderstandings and fights. Any spell for this. Actually I am new in this group , I don’t know how it works. Have I to post the query separately or is this the right way. Thank you

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Welcome @Shaina. Please take a moment to post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS section, and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

I have already mentioned about myself.

No, you have not. Sorry, but what you wrote in your profile doesn’t count. You are required to make a separate introduction post as per our rules, so please do so.


Hey …I am not getting this new topic section under my name…I have already mentioned about myself. Guide me pls

@Shaina Click the white star at the top of this thread, beside the title. That will bring you to the home screen. To the right, you will see the big grey “New Topic” button. Click that and a box will open similar to when you make a post. Select the category of “New Magician” and write your intro.

Yes …I did …thank you for guiding me. Also tell me how do I check the replies on a particular topic. When I click on the replies I can’t see any.

Would writing out their names be enough or do I absolutely need pictures

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Well I did it, (without pictures, I just wrote the names on the heartogram) and it started to show effects within 24 hours.
I did it for me and someone I had a relationship with till it kinda went bland on his end. He called me around two hours after the ritual and began to act romantic again.
Very fast working spell indeed


Just curious… how long were you guys apart…or how long ago were you romantically involved?! Were you on speaking terms before casting the spell?

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So beginning last month was when we stopped, and we would text occasionally throughout the day but nothing that would show he was interested again until last night. He’s usually a little slow with these things so I thought it an obvious sign.


You’re very lucky!! Good job!

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Thank you! I’ll have to see where the spell goes from here

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Wishing you all the best and every happiness!

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I have a couple of questions for you: (1) if I feel that perhaps my concentration was a bit off when I did this Can I redo it with the same materials…example I was interrupted by outside noise,(2) have you heard of things getting worse when you do a live spell? What are your thoughts on this matter? My situation seems to be worse today…days after I did this. Help please. Oh and lastly, I guess three questions…I’ve always been told Monday’s are dark days…no spells. Is this true?

do you have to do this with your eyes closed for the entire ritual?

Did you get anyone to cast one that worked for you?

It sounds good… how to do this if there is no photo or any object of the person you want to cast a spell?