Powerful internal change with angel magick

Hi everyone!

I just thought I share with you my recent experience with some angel magick!
Someone in this forum suggested me this damon brand book “mystical words of power”
I must say that I own already a few of his books and I worked with angels before.
Tbh, I did not expect much from “mystical words of power” as some of brand’s magick is either very good, or no results at all, at least in my experience.
So I got the book, and I used some of the transformative rituals at the beginning.
Now I have to say that some like the imagination and the love one had no effect, but that is because a) I already posses a wild imagination and b) no matter what I’ve been through in life I always felt some kind of love around me, like the love from spirit guides and the universe.
But the others really kicked in.
The knowledge one gave me all of the sudden a thirst for astrological knowledge and the mind of an astrologer. I have to say here that I’m not new to astro related stuff, but I’m now able to read charts and see things that I couldn’t before.
And again, I was not asking the angels to give me this!
The other ritual is the healing one.
I wasn’t sick, and I can say proudly that I had up until this point my depression under control, but man, this healing ritual took this sadness I was carrying all this years with me away!
Now I must say that it did not erase everything, as I can be melancholic by nature, but there is a major difference in my energy and outlook on life.
Again, I did not ask for this! I’m just doing the rituals to see what comes out, as I was curious.

The other is one is the transformation ritual. It can have many effects, just as literally transforming you or putting misfortune an end etc.
I have to say here that my life never felt normal. Like i was used to that things always go wrong in my life.
I used the ritual yesterday and this morning i woke up feeling differently.
I got a call from someone which has to do with my business, and this person told me that the problem was solved.

Like I said above, I was getting used to that everytime I do something major problems occur, and with my business it’s not different.
But somehow the magick restored normality!

I really do believe the transformation can be good for people who either been cursed or have some negative family baggage that is preventing them having a good life.

I’m really thankful, even if its just small changes, but they go a long way.
Mind that I’m not new to magick, I’m a practitioner for 10+ years,( also working with daemons) but my magick was more based on survival and hustle magick.
I will keep updating

Thank you angels!


Don’t dismiss these rituals, they are working in the background, trust me.
And yes, this book does take a lot of struggle out of your life! It’s one of my favorites. Whenever I feel like things are going downhill I do the 7 rituals and things get back on track. Not to mention that doing them prepares you for meeting your HGA.



That’s great to hear that there are more people having similar experience with this! You are right, I shouldn’t dismiss it as it still can have the effect. I wish more people would use it, honestly it’s one of the most effective angelic rituals I came across EVER.
Yeah I’m waiting for this book on the HGA!

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Would you mind yo share how it worked for you or if you felt something during the rituals.
For how long did you work them?

I did them 7 days each in the beginning and now I do them pretty much every month, depending on how I feel.

When I did the first ritual ever I felt like my reality was altered on the spot. The way I saw the world around me changed, the colors seemed much more vibrant. And I had a feeling of my fate being changed, like the angels made a small change that with time will become very significant (butterfly effect). It’s very hard to explain.

Each ritual really does what is in the description.
The love ritual for example made others much kinder and nicer to me. It also brought bottled emotions to the surface but it was never overwhelming.
The thing that I really like about these rituals is that the angels are very compassionate towards you. I really feel like I’m being taken care of when doing them, it’s a beautiful feeling. Just this feeling makes the book worthwhile.


I’m glad you did get it eventually! It’s a very powerful book. And as @Bizarre said, don’t be so quick to dismiss the effects of the other rituals. This is a kind of magick where you can on for a long time, and only then realize how much it has changed your life.

Extremely transformative work, and has been life changing to me as well.

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Awesome. Unfortunately I did not have these vivid things in reality, although my dreams at night became extreme vivid.
Perhaps I should repeat them too, especially the love and imagination one. I cant wait for this HGA book! At this point I really would like to know who Damon Brand is.
Thank you for sharing :two_hearts:

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Yes thank you again for suggesting it! It’s a great book! I think it’s one of his best in my opinion. I’m normally not a fan of his systems, but this one really works somehow. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ve been checking the book, you’ve been speaking about the 7 rituals but realized that in the book they have then lots of rituals for specific results, for direct change they call them. In your experience, are those as powerful as the 7 rituals?


They are immensely powerful in my experience. I would go to them if I wanted a very effective ritual pointing at a particular thing. The rest of the Words of Power books are also like that, but I like the ritual in Mystical Words of Power.

But the 7 Main Rituals just work in a different way. They work on your deepest desires and true needs, even if you’re not fully aware of them at the time, but you’ll be very glad you discovered them soon after.


That awesome to hear!! I haven’t worked with any of the books of Words of Power, but reading such positive feedback from you, I’ll definitely try this one. I’m finding a lot of internal resistance, beliefs that are not aligned to what I want to achieve in the most important parts of my life (and just the contrary in fact, which means worst fears coming true in a specific area).

Mmmm I think I will do both, a couple of the main rituals, and some of the specific ones as they are most needed… thanks for your insights, so helpful as always!!


The first 7 are the gold of the book tbh.
I have not yet worked with the other ones, I am yet to experience the " protection from negative attachment" one, which I will perform in 2 weeks before visiting my family. And the “clear dark energy”
So I can update you here

I highly recommend it! I think it can really help you a lot with what you are struggling with :slight_smile: it’s a really life changing work, but don’t go in with any assumption. Simply let it unfold. As they say in the book, accept that you might get a result, or that nothing will happen at all. Just do it for the enjoyment of doing it.


Damn, I guess I gotta buy another Damon brand book lmao

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Wow! I’m going to have to try it out. Thanks so much for posting!

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Yes it does help in a subtle but strong way
You’re welcome