Powerful helping spirits of Christian tradition. RHP

Hello, I want to let you know about some helping spirits very known and appreciated in Catholic tradition: The Holy Souls in Purgatory. These spirits are the ones of dead people who can´t enter into Heaven until they are totally purified. In the meanwhile they are trapped in the Purgatory awaiting prayers from the living people. As you can search on the internet, many people offer prayers to these spirits asking them different petitions. They are known for contacting quickly and grant most of petitions. Perhaps some of you are interest in their knowledge.


I’ve been to a realm tied to the Judeo pantheon that acts as a purgatory of sorts. That’s atleast what Michael and Gabriel called it and I wanted to experience it and what I noticed is that the realm isn’t that large but it has some really “twisted” souls there.

By that I mean these souls were corrupted by energy that was not healthy for them, most of these souls I saw were a few humans who wanted to get into the judeo pantheon but needed to be cleansed first, or beings like some demons, and other entities who needed to be deeply cleansed and stripped of their former energies so they enter the pantheon bare.

This also helps them if they want to go through Zadkiel to become an angel, as he’s overseer of that along with the Hashmalim where he administers the transition.

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it is an interesting experience!
I have tried a few times to contact Holy souls and have asked them some petitions which have been granted. I think could be a good idea, if someone tries to contact them, to leave here their experiences.