Powerful Chant (Lucifer)

In the name of the Dragon,
I invoke Lucifer,
Lord of the Trident,
He who guides the Ascending Soul on the path of the Gods
Phosphoros, the Light Bearer,
Dark God of the Qliphoth!
Open the way to your stellar realm,
Come from the Throne of Thaumiel,
Through the gates of the Void,
Into this Temple of Flames.
Lord of the Night,
Open the gates to the Path of the Dragon,
And reveal to me secrets lost and forgotten,
The wisdom of primordial Gods.
Lord of Darkness and Light,
I invite you to enter this flesh,
I call you to my body, my mind and my soul,
I welcome you in my heart!
Lord of Ascending Flame,
Open for me the way to your Throne,
Show me the keys to your Stellar Gates,
And guide me on the paths of limitless power.
Lord of Thaumiel,
Ignite the fire of my soul,
So that I may rise forged in your flames,
As a living grail of your Immortal Essence,
From the bonds of flesh to the heart of your Golden Throne!
Emperor of Darkness and Flame,
Empower and protect my soul,
So that I may arise as a living vessel of Draconian Gnosis!
Great Horned King,
Enter this flesh which I offer you as a temple,
And let your immortal blood flow through my veins.
Lucifer, Lord of Ascending Flame,
Let your Fire burn forever in my soul!


Thanks for sharing!


This is not “a powerful chant “ this is draconian invocation of Lucifer from “Temple of Ascending Flame customized for magicians to help them align with the Draconian Current.You should sign the source and write the right title for this.


I am just trying to help because it has worked really well for me.

Can you tell how did you start the invocation and how did it went

We have done many evocations together. In fact, he is the first demon that taught me. At the end I gave him a blood offering which I felt “binded”? To him in a special way. As soon as I start the chant I feel the his presence instantaneous. That’s why I wanted to share it here.

This is where I got it from. Invocation of Lucifer: The Lord Of Ascending Flame - YouTube

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So you just listened to it and recited the chant, then Lucifer came?

Can you use this just to summon him or do you need to use it specifically for a working connected with the Draconian current?

Yes,you can but keep it mind that you call upon draconian energies into ur life.If you are not interested to walk draconian path I would suggest to use some other type of evocation,there are plenty of them.

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