Powerful Being Not GodsI

Anybody Know any powerful Being that are not God’s just being in equal Power of gods but are not known as gods

Please drop some names

Excluding the most popular ones

Is this an entities name or do you actually mean belief, as in believing?

I personally find the spirits of the Loa to be on the grander side of life. But I tend to think of powerful as being subjective. Some beings are really powerful with one subject, and not others. :woman_shrugging:


Power even among Gods vary but there are nongods like Michael, Zadkiel, Gabriel, Raphael, the kitsune Tamamo no Mae, Lilith and her 3 sisters also.


I think they mean Belial, could be wrong.

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Oh, that would make sense, if it’s a typo lmao.

I was just like well… Could be if it’s the act of believing yet, maybe I’ve missed an entity going by that name. :rofl: :rofl:

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Sorry typo meant belial

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Yeah im trying to look for someone who would help me with my goal someone who doesn’t ask me for my soul in exchange I believe the some gods will ask for my soul thus making the point of my goal useless

Eh, while I believe you could possibly exchange your soul, I’ve never had an entity want to broker a deal like that personally. Most I’ve ever been asked for is a few drops of blood, and think it would be quite the grandeur request that would require your soul. Particularly when there are plenty of entities that are willing to help you make long term, dramatic life changes with a helluva lot less.


Well im working with Saint death and everything was working great until she pretty much told me the she would help me and helped me she did she did alot in terms of helping me psysically and mentally the was about 6 5 month ago but now she Saids the I needed to give my soul to her I asked what she really meant and asked again if she was talking about my soul and she said yes she said she could help me but the is hard not to want to make me hers

Well. If a trusted entity suddenly wanted to change the terms, after working with them for a long time… I’d first ensure I had the right entity, and not an imposter.


This off course can as shock to me as I wasn’t expecting it and she said the if you want something the big the price must be as high I told her well that defeats the purpose of me aiming towards my goal what would be the point of me looking to achieve what I want if at the end of it I ended up your slave

It is the right entity i been working with her for almost a year now and if she treats people the way she treated me most people would accept the offer she motherly and loving but I’m not looking to be anyone puppet or slave

Then I can’t further advise you on that, if you’ve tested the entity to be sure it’s the one you were working with. :slight_smile:

I think power is subjective, so without knowing what you are trying to accomplish I can’t offer much more than I already have on the topic, sorry. Some entities are great with some things and not others, so often its better to work with a pantheon than a single spirit.

My only other thought is that sometimes entities will push you to see if you’ll stand your ground on what you believe/want. I’ve had Samedi push on the possession thing, and I told him nope- I am the operator, and that was that.


How about Archaelus?

There are some intensely powerful shadows.

My goal is Peace after my death i want peace and Power enough to protect the peace

Peace as an no more reincarnation i just grab myself and my girls and live a peaceful place with them

I dont know she seems to suggest the if I truly want what I want that is the only way thou she isn’t being forceful about it she being gentle and letting me know of it

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Is there any way of contacting him

The easiest way would probably be to make a sigil out of his name using something like the Rosey Cross sigil generator.

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What makes you believe any of these “beings” hold even a smidgeon of power? We are alive. They are NOT. We do what they can’t. Quite frankly… I believe we as humans are infinitely more powerful. They’re little more than shades of imagination. Our minds can stamp them out or build them up. Its a matter of choice.