Power Ups for Servitors and Tulpas

Here are some things that should help power and sustain your servitors/tulpas. Enjoy!

Tulpa Power Max! Battery

Full Tulpa Battery

Nuclear Powered Tulpa

Tulpa Core 2023 AI GOLEM CPU on a ZedBoard

Tulpa Core AI CPU

Tulpa Core AI Quantum Max CPU

Feel free to charge these and use them as you see fit.


Its a joke?. How it works?

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If you think it is a joke, then it is.

If you use these the same way you would use any other sigil or symbol of power, then they should work. Using your logic then, chaos magick and magick in general is a joke.

Are the sigils found in grimoires a joke? Is the Star of David a joke to a certain religion? Is Lucifer’s sigil a joke? Is the flag of your country a joke?

Is currency a joke? Are postage stamps a joke? One person’s symbol can be perceived as a joke to another person.

Print them out and attach them to your servitor. Photoshop them to a picture of your servitor. Create stickers. Create amulets. Create talismans. Engrave them on metal. Tattoos maybe. Whatever.

They were meant to be used in a psionics program or radionics device.


If you think about it, printed out versions bridges into psionics a bit, no? :thinking:

Use them as charging stations, enhance with crystals, etc…


for Artificial Beings : Thoughtforms, Servitors, Egregores, Godforms I would use a crystal, and rituals to empower them, and have a full altar for them I also use the Sigil of the antiverse and call on that realm to empower the being im working with as find that to be the best way and also i call on other demons and being that i work with and ask them to give me a hand and empower the Egregores i work with into full godforms by calling the antiverse


for this it seem like you placing sigil on CPU i would work with Xaturing godform of all AI and the internet to help you they would be able to help you a lot

A newbie question, can i give my blood to my servitor?

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yes you can give your blood to your servitor or any other form of offering it just give them a lot of energy, i say it important to feed servitor lot of energy such as offering and doing working with them a lot

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You mentioned the Antiverse, right?



Great idea!


oh hell ya that look amazing look grate, Ya the realm of the Antiverse and Xaturing could for sure help

Tnx,another question, Can I make a servitor like XaTuring that affects the computer? What is the exact way to do this? I don’t want to work with XaTuring for some reason.I mean, have you ever seen a servitor directly affect the materials of our world?


you can really make a Servitor of any spirit really, the only limit is the person imagination of what the servitor can do i find this to be a very helpful video Artificial Beings : Thoughtforms, Servitors, Egregores, Godforms


you can use Technomagic, is derived from chaos magic


My opinion is that blood is the best if it’s going to be a particularly permanent servitor you plan on keeping close such as for protection.

That or really good orgasmic energy with sexual feedings.

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Tnx,you know a few months ago, I made a servitor and gave it a lot of energy, including sexual energy, for a month, and then I asked my magician friend, who is very strong and has been doing this for about thirty years, to talk to him, but my friend told me that this servitor is very weak and can’t even talk.

Use these as you wish. Cut and paste each of these yourselves.


Yes, I know that Golum should be spelled Golem. I like the typo. I was probably thinking of the Lord of the Rings (a documentary, LOL) character. I originally wanted to put “iTulpa” instead of “eTulpa”, but Intel and Apple own everything with the letter “i” in front of it and I didn’t want any copyright and trademark issues. It’s sad that we live in such a litigious society that sigils can be challenged by copyright. I’m not making any money off this. I just wanted to share my magickal art with the occult community. If this combination of sigils work for you, good. If they don’t, good. If these are a “joke” as someone previously posted, good.

That’s all for now, for those who care about such things.


You’re still relatively new to magic, right?

It might be a matter of how much energy you actually have and are able to push around/utilize.

As you gain experience and ability, you’ll be able to do more effectively and better.

You can also enlist some entities and spirits to “train” your servitors so they’ll get going faster.

Or even be under said entities “patronage” as it were.

This also lets the entity scoop them up if you become negligent and you won’t necessarily have to worry about them going rogue. (Unless the entity is a bit of a hardass…you might get a scolding and a trial. Lol)

For sexual feedings, I would recommend sitting in a evocation triangle (or other apparatus such as the universal circle) with the servitors sigil/paraphernalia [housing] and getting into a deep visualization about them while you edge yourself and drum up as much energy as you can. When the time “comes”, release on the sigil and then burn it if possible after. You might blood the sigil and push energy into it beforehand as a “appetizer” as it were. You want to give it the best orgasm you can. Not just some wank, but a body tingling orgasm that leaves you tranquil and placid. Obviously, toys are recommended especially if they help you emulate sex better.

(If you are female, I’d recommend putting the sigil under a toy and just going to town over it. :wink:)

Be mindful of and stern about boundaries with the servitor.

If I didn’t mention it before, just giving blood on its own isn’t gonna do the job entirely.

The blood is a gateway and channel. You want to see the energetic line it creates between you like a transfusion or IV and use whatever methods help you push energy into it.


Wow thank you @crookedpathfinder ,That was very detailed, especially what you said about the blood cleared up a lot, I will do it and let you know the result :pray:

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if I didn’t know @CyberLord has a lot of experience, I might think it was a joke too😄. He does have a sense of humor in the way he presented it.