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Tomorrow, Promise, i just finished a channeling so I’m a little worn.

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Wanna give me a poke? :face_with_monocle:

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No biggie darlin. :blue_heart:

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Here was the whole channeling @JezebelleMoon

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You are afraid of yourself.
Let go and become

You need to balance your chakras …
Focus on the throat and third eye

Work with mercury … it will be good for you.

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Thank you :):heart:

You are still a Wolf. .

Your moving through the night… there is a bird keeping pace with you. .Maybe a raven or crow.

You are running …the bird is flying

Other wolves howl, in the distance. To be a pack or a loner … you want both but one holds more sway.

You find a rabbit and Chase it into a thicket… the bird does a fly by and its claws …grab and release the back of your neck.

There is an owl hooting. …

The night is young … there is more prey in the forest.

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You know who that is Hehe.


Hi Arianna,
Another poke?


Of course I know :slight_smile:

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Your right outside the pyramid …you need to find the words within yourself. The words that will open the pyramid…deep meditation.

So much waits for you when you step inside.

Look with in.

Your chakras are bright…but work on the crown …

Plenty of water and green veggies.

Keep your mind sharp. And senses strong…

Roses are connected to you.


I hope this wasn’t already influenced by what we have talked about,

But I saw eyes staring up a large structure at a figure of great power basking in light.

Sorry for the late reply.

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Hey… I initially had trouble doing the read, and each time I was about to give up, something made me push harder. There was an individual outside by himself. He looked maybe scared. There was also yelling/shouting around him by probably an authoritative life figure. Lastly, I saw a fight take place. 1 heavy set character, and a smaller character. It looked like a 2 person fight, but felt like it could’ve been 3 people. Plz let me know if that makes sense.

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Can’t remember what we were talking about… Either way hold on and I’ll return it

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It does, on a few different levels. Any more details so I can pin the specifics down?

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whooooo wants to trade scans? :thinking:


Mmmhmn i see you @anon27714670
The return read pls


What is the pyramid?

It’s a gold pyramid in the desert
You mustgo with in to see it