Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


I see 2 golem guardians guarding a huge stone gate
The guardians are made of rocks and their color is almost like that of sand but more darker. The gate is made by gray ancient stone.a singular stone cut in half I see someone there staring at them he looks very small in front of them the place is really old and really big there’s a mist there too
“you need to find the keys, they are already within you”
Someone says


What do you feel this is about?

I see an energy that is scaly to the touch, hot like the heat you’d feel from a house oven and is very red. The scales are also crimson red and I see tridents and swords. The aspect of you I’m seeing pertains to war. The heat denoting yang energy amd red being of sexuality, war and dominance. Tridents and swords being of water and air. Heart and mind. But of a more pragmatic and ferocious focus.


i dont know but some reasom i have a feeling about astaroth


Also, since i like feedback for refining purposes, did you feel my work was accurate?


yes it has some connections with azazel and lucifer


hello guys, does anyone want to scan me? I can’t return the favor for the moment … thanks!:rainbow:


Can someone offer me a read? I will swap


If you want a scan, I will try.


Hey Darkest, I’m shit at scans but I can work my Azathoth tarot deck. Id love a scan for a read if youre down


I heard the information is going to be delivered …
And soon there will be a celebration…

Anything that make sense to you…??


I heard the wanderer of night…everything will come to light just give much of your efforts to the situation…

Self sacrifice ,confidence and courage is what is going to help you to achive what you need …

But i also see whether you have to call king Belial or you are working with him at the moment…

Anything familiar??


ohhhh thanks a lot you don’t know how much I needed this !! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: it’s amazing! King Belial is often in my mind, I want to eliminate my weaknesses, and many times I thought of him, but I think you gave me the confirmation !!! thanks a lot !! :sparkles:


what do you mean in this case the vagabond of the night?


That gave multiple emotions i mean it can be something good or really really bad.Can you describe me what tone the spirit entity demon had when he said that to you he was serious he was laughing for e.x?


I just hear my mental voice…anyway i expected a scan back…


@Akhtyahussein sure i will…


Scan trade anyone?


@Xag_darklight I can sense indigo and purple, dark energy around you aura i felt a pressure on my zeal chakra when i make the read i can sense a connection with universal energies. And also i had vision you been in the center of the universe…


@Akhtyahussein i show a white being and she said to me “The knowledge will come but with a price.”


thank you…i will return it in 1 to 2 hours