Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Hey anyone wanna trade?


anyone up for a trade? Ive never done this before but im gunna do it.


Yo a scan trade please?


Im not sure, my intentions tell me yeah.


Hello forum. I have been dreaming about a demon although i can’t describe him/her but he comes in a human form it has been two time he has come. Please i need a scan from one professional magician to tell me the kind of demon with me


Down for a scan trade, need help with who is around me and who wants to work with me, I know i need to add routines and schedule to my life and have a pact with Belial to help with my personal ascent but would like some outside help!


I see a giant blue dragon in the void. Have you considered also working with Tiamat.


havent heard of him but will look into him, ill give u a scan when I get back to my house


Its a her actually.

As for belial specifically, i detect a set back. It feels internal so perhaps you’ll want to target that with the work. Personal alchemy might be a good idea.


I apprecaite it


PLEASE contact Lilith bro haha, I saw her and heard her enn as two firey black dragons split into water serpents then, they swam in the air to form a heart then plundered into the black water below to be set a flame. It’s obvious she wasnt to work with you or seeks your attention!


anyone wanna scan trade?


Anyone want to trade?


Yeah lets do it.


yo do you want to trade with me too?


Yeah you too.


ok so i sense dark and metalic energies darkness and fire
my mind goes to abaddon and belial
i see someone in smoke and ashes holding a candle and its ready to evoke big energies
something big is coming


Yes theres is. Youre hitting the nail. Today is the Worm Full Moon and my deific totem (god animal) is the Worm. Return incoming


Im not sure who this is but i keep hearing Al Uzza. Also something about a cosmic rainbow serpent. Lots of serpent energy might be a good time for kundalini.


recently when i let go of forcing energy and just letting it flow i feel my kundalini rising and flowing