Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


No. In a way I sort of view the whole cliff as a timeline. I’m unable to see what happened in the past… but the spider and scepter were rewards that were reaped/taken. The cliff is more of an upcoming event and the dragon is the reward to be taken. I think thats the whole journey the king was on. To conquer. But it seems the scepter and spider didnt require the same amount of sacrifice that the dragon will. And as I said before the dragon feels both friend and foe. Like its seeing if you have the guts and wont hand anything over easily.


Exactly @rin
Shit is freaky as hell



I see crystal pyramids made out of Ruby sapphire and diamonds the sun is shining bright
I feel that something enpowering will be happening to you, be patient and the worlds know how to wait


Hi BALG family,

Wondering if anyone has the time to give me a scan. Very new on my journey & interested to see what’s going on with me. Much appreciated & advance thanks:-)


Any one up for a trade?


I am up,
A scan at my solar plexus
I will give yours in a few hours


Can you tell me any other details? Like how this will manifest.


May i get a scan?


I feel like it has something to do wtih lucifer so may after an evocation


Could someone please scan me.


So I kinda want a scan, but I’m not really to a point where I can offer to scan anyone in return. If anyone’s feeling generous though…


I would love to be scanned! :slight_smile:


Ok im done scanning. Im printing the 3D model now.


Any up for a trade scan?


You watch it come out a super saiyan :wink::joy:


Any could scan me, please?


Trade scan sure


Could you scan me first, please?




We may never know, my 3-D printer spontaneously combusted