Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0




Yap it does…


I hear I"he is a Knight ready to ready to face anything that will come in his way…

But balance is what he needs to do(have)

Master all that you have at your disposal and the spirits will bring you More…

Be thankful to what you have received… Praise them to what they have offered but don’t hold back to strive for more…

I hope it resonate if not tell me…I Will repeat it after several hours…


thank you,it does


Would anyone like to trade scans?
Specifically if someone can sense my godform that would be amazing


Goofball. Lol :smile:


Sure! :slight_smile: I’ll scan you and you godform, would you like to scan me and mine back?

I get from you a pale pink shape of energy, like a vertically tilted rhombus. It’s got a lot of ‘gut-pull’, which is heavily tied to the central chakra/ dan tien. You’ve got a kind of translucent grey cloud around you, but it’s maintaining a bagel shape. There’s a fractured lotus floating between the cloud and the rhombus, giving off sharp bright yellow and deep purple. It’s like you’re all frazzled, disconnected from yourself and fragmented internally- it doesn’t seem healthy? You need to put your pieces back together again! That’d help. :slight_smile:

Your godform is a kinda weird shape too, but more animal and less abstract. It’s a fleshy, porous light pink, with the eyeless head of a worm and what seem to be the legs of a hyena. It’s coiled on itself like a snake, using the distinctively human teeth to nibble at its hooves. I can’t really make an element out of it, aside from ‘negative air’. It seems to be a steed of some kind, a ‘travel agent’ for deities, maybe a tour guide of sorts? It’s nonverbal and is primarily communicating through imagery and feeling. It may be an underling of Poseidon? There’s some sort of relationship there, where your godform is obedient to him. It doesn’t feel like that’s where he comes from, though- it’s weird! It’s like you’re from Dune but not quite. :slight_smile:


That is very helpful thank you.

For your scan a dark blue scorpion appeared , quite aggressively as it seemed to try attacking me, but as I stayed in my trance state it grew tired and went still as I saw it’s shell begin to crack and a dark purple light came from it an all of a sudden there’s this giant golden guy I didn’t get a good look at as I was stomped on and shocked out of my trance. I think from this you seem to be wasting the wrong energy for one goal when you have a specific gift that would work better.

As for the Godform, I settled back into my trance and uttered show me his highest self and I got a closer look at the golden guy who I don’t recognize but it reminded me of a transformer with this really dark energy. The feeling I got the first trance was desperation. The second was power, and satisfaction.



Anyone wanna scan me?


I see a Egyptian dark champer made of dark sandstone and gold I see gods and demons, the chamber looks like an entrance to the abyss, I see you holding a fire torch to see you read hieroglyphics and learning and getting power from them “we await you” I hear and I see 2 red eyes in the abyss


@Qayos hey, want to trade scans? I can do yours tonight after I get off work.


Sure! :slight_smile:

You’ve got a kind of upturned crescent with folded ends, almost like a tortilla made out of a sheer, opaque light blue-grey crystal that’s for different dimensions based on the angle you look at it. It’s like a Baba Yaga hut, much bigger on the inside than the outside shows. There are two cold white lights embedded in the exterior on opposite sides, though one seems to give off rays while the other gives off swirls of light. The inside is like a sultan’s foyer, deep red and mustard gold and royal purple across a carpet, walls, and 17th century English decorum. It smells vaguely like sandalwood and pine, but more strongly like nutmeg and cinnamon. I get the sense that your energy is vehicular, aka you were made to ‘carry & go’- though now vacant, your energy feels like it’s on standby or ‘airplane mode’. You know those old cave paintings of people riding in ufos? It looks kinda like that but without the occupant. You might be a ‘prime incarnation’ of your godform, or this config might suit other purposes- I can’t really tell why you’re like this, but your energy is essentially that of a spiritual ATV. Know any Djinn? You might be able to find more out about yourself from them, your energy is close to theirs. :slight_smile:


Would you like to trade sir?


If so, would you mind reading into my godform work?


Sure! :slight_smile:

Your godform seems to be a lanky chunk of grey-black mist, with the black in the center and grey towards the surface. It isn’t talkative, can be shy, and seems to be made of some kind of horizontal string which is the mist I see. It’s kind of like static that took the shape of a melting candle, and is really permeable and easy to move around. I get the sense of tightening cords, like they’re flowing around each other to boost their power. It feels like a shadow person, or maybe a shrine of some kind? It’s very flighty and not interested in me poking around deeper than that, though. :slight_smile:


You feel lunar. At first I wanted to say Lucifuge. But I think someone like nanna/Sin is more accurate? Big You helps people get into their intuitive side. Like a mentor. I also see a cup of tea. It’s nice and steamy. My mind says mint but my nose says otherwise. I see cranes as well. Is polarity involved here? @Qayos


I see you standing on the edge of a cliff …it’s night , there’s a full moon. Your wearing a thick black robe. You blend into the night.

There’s so spark to the air like a pop. You are about to move into a new phase of magick. Your power builds. Like momentum. It’s ready to release and explode into the world’s. .


I agree.

So I need to get closer to G*****? Is this the death side or?

I’ve worked with shadow people before. This ain’t the first time this has come up too.

That’s interesting and very strange.


Wanna trade queen?


Sure :slight_smile:


You’re being expressed to me as a bright flame with golden tears. You’re solar, saturnian, venusian and Martian. Placing you on the throne of war, sex, beauty, and domination. I sense a polarity, meaning opposites aren’t so opposite here. We all know you’re Sehkmet but are you Freya? @arianna