Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


I would


I see a green Chinese dragon you are riding on it I see you holding a gold sword of lightnings

Ascent, ascent
I hear
I see that dragon flying through storms and lightnings
You are rising in


I need my nipples scanned, anyone brave enough to try?


I specialize in nipple scanning… among other things. Unfortunately, I’ve not been here long enough to offer my services.


Regrettable, but thanks.

Anyone else brave enough?


Fun treasure for you:
Your godform is Azazel.


i was thinking about that like before 10 minutes even now i watch ea and he said “god form”


i cant scan anyone myself, but if anyone is free i’d be interested in seeing what comes up in one.


I’m down for a swap if anyone is fine with waiting about five hours.


Would like


I see a magician with flaming hot purple eyes doing great moves and casting powerful circles and geometric symbols in air the enegy is intense arcane end powerful, I see lands which its hard to expain, its sord of plakes upon plakes and big earthy spikes the magician wears a purple and golden robe, seems powerful, but I hear “I need to rest”


Would you mind trading with me


I’ll trade with you if you don’t mind waiting for a response until I get home where I’m not distracted by work.


I see a werewolf roaring on a lake under the moon, which slowly turns red. The sky follows suit, and a tornado of water rises out. An osprey is flying away from it. Leviathan rises from the center as a gargantuan sea serpent with glowing yellow eyes.


It’s dark and raining outside. Shadow people are dancing in a circle, though there isn’t anything in the center. A monstrous roar echoes in the distance, forcing them to stop. They turn in one direction and point to the sky. “He comes.” they say, with one adding “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” In comes a giant barracuda, and my head starts hurting.


I get a weird solar saturnian vibe from you. I see a gold bow with a glow like the sun. Ever heard of Ninurta? If I’m thinking of the right mesopotamian hunting god that is someone I’d look into.



:yum: someone to Scan me…!! I will return it for sure…just tell me what you need to know …


i would like!
a spiritual please!

here what i got from you

i see someone who push hard to pass a wind,its intese “calm down and the world will come down,everything is a reflection” its short sorry for that but thats what i got from a general


No need to be sorry its a really thing…