Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


No. The runes in my profile picture are Ancient Turkic runes. Orkhon alphabet.


Ah. Well i saw the wanderer himself, it may be worthwhile to contact him.


I see a crystal clear sky with many stars out and about. I am gliding along through the space around the stars (the stars are small balls of light). A being forms in front of me and has golden wings. His form builds and builds, all while the movement forward through the stars quickens with pace.
A deep voice speaks to me and i could tell it came from this man before me.
“He knows not what should be known but knows what is known. To guide is to be guided.” His words.


I see a soft blue aura around you. Dark blue colored eyes and silver colored wings.
Your energy is soft to me.

Lucifee is near you and wishes to work with you (either that or you already are working with him).


Trade scan?


“He knows not what should be known but knows what is known. To guide is to be guided.” What does this sentence mean for you? and this words for me? what is your opinion? and thanks for your attention.


Thank you fantomgirl, I don’t know about lucifee? I was stalked by a shadow man as a child, proper evil one, who always watched me, waiting, I could sense frustration, like an animal waiting to feed…but it couldn’t… which brings me to the next dream I had at a very early age, one that is still with me clear as day,
I was standing waiting at a forest trail, forest behind, cold misty, full moon etc. I knew I should be scared, because I sensed alot of, what I can only describe as animal instincts, (say demons). But I wasn’t scared, I knew they couldn’t harm me!
I remember the sound of horses hooves, and snorting, and from the mist a carriage, more like a hearse, gothic carriage, ornate and so detailed. Work of art…the horses were black, sensed they were wild. But I wasn’t arsed. The carriage stopped, door opened , I saw a women, wild, beautiful, dressed in black, grey ragged clothing, but also ornate at the same time…if that makes any sense? The lady was so beautiful, even tho she was half dead, she kept looking at me, studying me and smiling like, i was hers, I remember feeling so secure, and scared because I sensed so much power, but not scared because I knew it would never be used against me! Remember I was only about 10 years when this dream happened, so it was only in later life I fully understand the look she was giving me…it was like a lover, or wife in awe…she beckoned me to the carriage, i remember getting in, because she had something to tell me…but after that dream is a blur…Carnt remember!
No word of a lie, I fell in love with her from that dream even now to this day, I am still in love with her…I know it sounds crazy,
But that’s it…I still Carnt work out who she is? I have studyed different deites, goddess, but they all have the same qualities!!! Any input would be nice please


You don’t know what you should know. But you do know what is known. To guide someone or something will also have you be the one that is guided.


I get the sense that she isn’t someone that is known in human mythologies. She is, what i would call your twin flame. I believe this dream was showing you who your twin flame is.
Sense you felt that this woman had quite a bit of power, then i would assume that she has either ascended or is a more developed soul than most other souls would be.
I feel as if she might be vampiric in nature but yet again i do not know if this true or not.

I suggest meditating on her and try to imagine exactly what you saw in the dream. Focus on the dream with all your intent. Then once you see her again you will want to connect with her energy and use her energy to summon her.
This will hopefully help you out and be sure if you do summon her that if she says things to you that you should take it with a grain of salt, as you need to fully understand, comprehend and reason these things out.


Can I have a scan anyone?


I would appreciate a scan if anyone is up for it.


I will try that, thanks…x


Anybody up for a trade?


I am if your willing to have someone that doesn’t have much experience in doing this. Also, if you do then could you wait a little bit so I can eat.


No prob idk, ill get to yours right now


I hear a loud scream that turns into a soft chuckle,
I see a woman in a corner of a dark damp run wearing w long white dress or shirt, she is rocking back and forth mumbling to herself, she then falls to the floor and falls asleep.

I see somebody chopping at a branch in the wood , and a young blond woman in a white dress walks past then with a basket and turns back and smiles. she walks toward them and grabs there hand ushering them to follow them, they lay on the floor and sit there enjoying the atmosphere, she then turns toward the person and whispers

“I love you” in a rich voice before the vision disappears


Hm, I wonder what that means. I will get you in just a moment I am very close to finishing my food.


Sorry for the long delay, but I am finally done. I kept seeing flashes of all kinds of different things. Some appearing the disappearing so fast I couldn’t even tell what they were. But this is what stuck out to me. The thing that stuck out to me the most was I saw thins gigantic hand like the size of a house. The hand was coming through what looked like to be a portal. Then I saw a cliff with a women standing on it facing the hand. I couldn’t see the womens face but I did see that she had long dark brown hair almost black and what looked to be a sword/staff/or scepter. The world around them looked pretty normal.
Another thing I saw was an alien women. Only her. She looked similar to the alien people from avatar. Though, her skin was more grey. She had slick black hair running down her head. She was screaming but I couldn’t hear her. She seemed like she was in distress.
I also saw a lot of sea monster, most of them had a pirate ship nearby. These sea monsters were extremely big.
I also saw what looked like to be a dog or some other kind of animal in blackish silverish armor. It was sitting there motionless.
I hope I didn’t disappoint you. I will try again when I get better at this.


I will give it a go! Only joined this week, so up to you if you want me too? Or even if I’m allowed!


Oh by all means I would love to hear what you see. :grin: :+1: