Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


sure, going off of slight of the moment stuff, youre going to reap some rewards soon

but I will draw some cards as well to play it safe


Trade? @Everyone




I see a massive eye, it appears reptilian…
A dragons eye. This eye takes up the entire area watching over it, greeting those who pass through…
I see you but your appearance was shielded from me but your aura was shown and it appeared a dark kind of blue. I then was guided to focus on your heart chakra which appeared a different color than the rest of your aura,
it actually appeared golden…


I see red eyes and fangs shrouded in darkness. Fenrir.


@Mr.Vulture id you manage to check my immidiate future with your cards by any chance? Sorry to pester you again :wink:


Not yet, fell asleep. It was late


Haha it sure was, sometimes I forget the time as I work nights. Do it in your own time brother! Im just a bit worried, its probably nothing, but everytime there is a situation relating to myself my senses get overwhelmed by the amount of possible things that can go wrong and I can’t read the situation, but for other people readings are easy as Im not too invested, so dont get in my own way.


Well, I just signed up to this forum, if anyone would be kind enough to read me…



Hey Vyriz nice to meet you! Dont forget our rule no.1 of introducing yourself!



Hi! Thanks for that, I just did.


Hi, could someone please scan me.


Your aura is purple and your wings are a milky white-blue. Your eyes are purple ironically.
You command electrical purple energy in both hands.
You smile as you show off your power to me.
But you eventually release the purple energy from your hands amd with that your entire form disappears.


Oh my and i was going to wear purple today butvi said that would be inappropriate. Thank you


Wow, purple is in… Lol.

Glad i could help.


I still prefer Black & White…


Lol @wolfinsheepsskin

Well screw you… Purple is so in but stay tuned for tomorrow as black will be the new in color.


I got tired of purple… I decided to change it up a bit. :sweat_smile: @FantomGirl
I’ll Be here for it…


Mind if I grab a read?


I would love a scan if anyone has time. Don’t know how to return the favour though, but would be appreciated.