Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Sure just give me a minute


I see you near woods…

Sort of a berserker. … I see animal skin.
Possible shape shifting.

There’s a fire and the elements have been called …it’s a cool night. The magick rises and blood is streaked across your face.

A ritual for the ancients …perhaps ancestral. .
Celebration … happiness and fun fill the air.




Sitting on a throne made of serpents. You are coming to realize your true potential. I’m seeing an ethereal crown.


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Ill pm you your reading. Trying a new method so give it time.


Also you have a spirit that already follows you or wants to teach you. Turiel is his name. POWERFUL


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Hi @FantomGirl
What does Turiel wish to help me with?


Let me see.


I hear a deep and wonderful voice. This would be Turiel’s voice. He is quite amazing to be honest.
Seems to have much power and energy.

“I am his god the one he wishes ro speak with.” Turiel says.

He has black hair and brown wings. His aura is dark and brown but earthy.
His eyes are yellow.

“I am here to help him with the endeavors that he wishes to embark on.”


Thank you.
I see into your heart. I see a trememdous amount of love, but I also see a seemingly bruised area, yet the light is still glowing, strong and soft.

Lost love, sometimes you wish there was someone to love you. It’s love you wish you would’ve gotten from others.

Quan Yin chimes in with a smile.
“Love yourself.”


Aww thank you.

Accurate to a T.


Nevertheless… :kissing_heart::hugs::laughing:
:heart:️ you
I’ve been thinking about the Phenomenology of Spirit. In it, there is a concept about the substance of all things acting as a subject.

Spirit empties itself out and returns to itself. Only by positing itself as the mere appearance of a thing set against the essence of Spirit can spirit fully be spirit.

In short, in thinking the essence of a thing, the essence becomes the essence of itself. It essentializes its own becoming.

I feel like the forms in which spirit appears to itself are already contained within it, which is why it takes those same forms when it externalizes itself.

My only problem is that I don’t fully understand the necessity of this becoming. What can you see?


“The necessity of becoming spirit is to be it. As simple as that is it is what is true. Its the yearning that you humans think of as what the meaning of life is. You strive for that meaning but never attain it.
With the reasoning behind becoming spirit you must look past the forms that you inhabit and see the truth of thine self. You must become it to see it and see it to become it.
It as necessary as you make it. I hope you find solace in that.”
My higher self decided to chime in… Unannounced… Lol


Want more to that @Epsilon_The_Imperial ?


Well… I evoked the Phenomenology of Spirit a while back. In it, contains a part of Hegel’s soul.

I would like to see what Hegel/ the Phenomenology have to say about my own yearning for ascent and knowledge.


I am on it captain :sailboat:




“His yearning is that of a natural cause and effect. It pulls at him and towards him. He seeks it as wise old ones do. But he knows the hardships to attain it and truly become it. These hardships go a long way into rediscovering the soul. As far as he knows he is already a god waiting to attain something more. But onto what he wants.
He wants more than simplicity… More than just the thought of attainment. But the mere being of being this attainment. This enlightenment will be the best cause and effect for him. He will see it and he will take it without warning and he will instnatly become it without knowing. Becoming what he has always wanted. And i leave you with that… For now.” This is the Hegel speaking or that of which you wanted me to channel.


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