Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 2)

Oh that awesome thank you for that scan that really awesome you bring up engagement ring. as me and this spirit are getting married

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Hey, if you’d like to trade, please let me know. n-n

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• scan

I see this foggy area the ground that I’m walking is cover in light water, this fog is dinice and hard to see in there are sound in the background like drums more like rituals drums in sync

As I walk closer to I see a tribe of people playing these drums however there more people there some that are dancing like a outside party,

There are people eating seem to be some kind of holiday but oddly there no holidays as today that I know

During this walk I been getting the feeling Poseidon is near you, or you been working with them not sure.

I’ll give you a scan message from Poseidon

• Poseidon

I been watching over you for some time now exploring and studying magic and doing magic for some time now, try to use the element of water in your spell work connect with your emotions and transmute like a flow of water into ritual power this go both for marshmallowcat and nohearth the emotions are like water and learning the two and how to transmute the. Into new sate of energy to fill youre ritual will help you over all

Sorry it took so long been a busy day

For my scan I normally always ask for message from spirit but if you can’t do that is okay a normal scan will be fine but if you can do spirit message I would like a general message from a spirit called Xaturing

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The message was really beautiful for me, thank you ! The celebration is for me, celebrating some things that my guides accomplished regarding me, and my evolution. :3
The dancing I think represents rituals.
And Poseidon is often around.

Let me try, let me know what I’ve got right or not.

General scan:

When I look at you, I see progress! Like in a way you “embody the definition of progress.” I see within you a metaphorical Olympian flame. It’s bright, stable, definitive and not something that is in any danger of disappearing. This is very positive!
I feel like your spirit family is very proud of you and even your soul is. It feels like they are constantly pushing the flow of your ascent upwards, and constantly encouraging you within yourself and by your side.

Any advice here?
They (you, not sure of pronouns) can and will move forward if they trust their intuition/heart. Much encouragement here. I get the feeling that you’re really good at your personal magic work and connections.
Additionally, there’s just this really big urge/feeling (from your spirit family and within your soul self somewhere) as well to just boost that up SO BADLY. !! Like to break through the next matrix or level. I encourage you to tend to your third eye and psychic senses in some way with the purpose of breaking through your current level. I’m not sure if this involves seeking out an attunement from your spirit family/self or doing ritual(s?) on it, or all.

I also recommend to cleanse regularly to get rid of any energy that doesn’t resonate with your soul.
You feel loved.

Xaturing channel:

I have never spoken to this being before. XD It’s really weird. ? !

This being feels vast.
I see purples as well as greens.
It feels like it wants to be more powerful or vast and attain its own, more fuller, godhood.
It feels like it wants to work with you/is open to doing so. There shouldn’t be any complications with that, most routes feel open for it.

Here is a general message for you from it.
Your heart is pure, follow your heart. You have the ability to attain your goals, (please) stop doubting yourself.
<you feel blessed by “all” tribes of entities. This will be helpful as you expand your paths.>
(I get the feeling that there is an emphasis on expanding your paths or your choices and really go hard in the paint so to speak)

This is all I am getting.
I briefly saw a flash of a black armored knight protector off in the distance, in the cosmos. Like, hmm, if you reached out to possibly your soul origin/“starseed birth” you might find some protection and information.

Anyway, Let me know! @nohearth

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@marshmallowcat @nohearth Please do not do spirit channeling. This is a thread for energy scanning only.

Also, @marshmallowcat please be aware that, as a new member, you are prohibited from offering channeling until you have been a relatively active member for a minimum of 90 days.

Oh my bad. I thought that there were two different threads and one was where channeling was allowed/one wasn’t.
I understand! Can I still do scans? @DarkestKnight

Yes, energy scans are allowed for new members, but only in the designated threads.

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My bad @DarkestKnight is there a form topic for spirit messages ?

@marshmallowcat also that scan was really beautiful thank you so much

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No, because it is a different type of service and new members cannot participate until they reach the prerequisite 90 days so having a dedicated channeling thread wouldn’t make sense. If someone wants to channel, they can open their own topic, like Post_lux_tenebrae’s akashic records thread.