Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)


Scan trade? I want to see what you can get that will help me resolve the difference between what I want and what I get when I get intuitive information, and what seems to be different information when other people scan or get information from entities.

I see you walking through your inner forest you appear just as your avatar appears, You tap the ground with your staff and it begins to open… As it does so i see Cernunnos appearing from below to greet me with a smile… The landscape turns dark and i see a mighty grizzly bear approach and at first attack me but i showed it i was a friend and not a enemy so it returned to a peaceful state, which then i noticed you riding upon it as your mount but i also saw it as your familiar or one of many as many animals were near you… Your soul tells me that you don’t have anything to show me and you continue on your journey so i ask to follow which you agreed and we eventually reached a gate which i heard from whispering entities calling it the “City of Light”… We both step through and you give me a farewell but before i left i asked that you may show me a sign or symbol to give to you as proof or recognition of our encounter, which you then began to show me ‘Wunjo’… The symbol of joy, happiness, peace, harmony, And many other meanings… But from you i simply felt peace and fulfillment and or completion


okay one moment and i’ll let you know:))

Honestly, It’s quite simply to understand the difference between the two or i should say control the difference or outcome as it seems this is what you desire… But first you must understand that you only get intuitive information other than what you desire due to the fact that your soul, or higher self or whichever you prefer to see it as is receiving this information from the universe… You see the universe gives us what we need rather than what we want almost 99% of the time and 1% is what we desire, but in understanding this order in which the universe operates, the. and only then can you begin to get what you desire and the percentage becomes 50-50… To put it in simpler terms i guess i’m saying don’t try battling with the universe but rather working in unison with it to achieve what you desire as believe it or not you’ll never win the battle unless you become one with the universe and realize within yourself that you are the universe and the universe is you, then you can begin to get the answers you want rather than what you don’t want… But first it takes acceptance and comprehension… “One should not swim against the tides, but rather with them and if you wish to leave simply swim to the edge and get out of the waters and try again”… But as i scan you your soul comes to me and tells me that it is stuck and i see why you must flow not be stagnant like a rock, you must flow like the wind, like the water… until you do you will continue to dislike the answers you get as you are trying to go against the natural order of the universe rather than flowing with it as one being… And as for the difference between when others scan you opposed to when they receive the message from spirits it’s simple really… Those people aren’t in tune with the universe as much as they should be while as spirits are apart of the universe so they tell you exactly what they are suppose to their information isn’t based on what they believe or assume but rather what they know… And they know exactly what the universe wants for you and that is to grow, but until you see this for yourself, you will keep yourself stagnant… I’m not saying that you aren’t working to evolve and grow, but what i’m saying is are you growing and evolving within the natural order of the universe as you should?
My personal suggestion is to take time away from doing anything really beyond simple meditation, but within the meditation you should be focusing upon what the universe wants for you and with that knowledge acquired, you can begin to manipulate your path as you desire it to be as long as you are one and in tune with the universe itself… As believe it or not the universe is very alive and you have the option to talk with it and learn from it, So do so… I assure your life and what you desire will begin to change and unfold right before you

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This was very accurate, shows a few others (2 others) who have gotten very similar. I’ll scan you now.

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That was a scan lol

But hey you don’t have to listen to me… I was simply telling you what your soul wanted me to… I’m not in control of you, you are so if you choose not to listen so be it… It’s not my life you’re sabotaging its your own

Okay sounds good, Glad it resonated

You should stop being so demanding of others when you’re seeking their help, they chose to scan you when they could of chose not to. Be more respectful considering this isn’t the first person you did this to.

Just saying.


It’s fine honestly lol, I’m understanding as i was once this way until i learned so he is alright in my book… Everyone learns in different ways i suppose…

@Epsilon_The_Imperial but if you want a regular scan i can do that also

As like i said when i scanned you for what you wanted… your soul told me simply that it was stuck nothing more so i cannot help you any further if you won’t help yourself

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Well, most of that post was opinion more than a simple scan, until I saw that he did a scan, but it was only at the soul level, also who else are you talking about?

That’s why I retracted that comment.

okay i understand but as i said if you’d like me to scan you deeper i can tell you what i see

But that’s all i can do honestly is tell you what i see

So, why would you choose to get antsy over me when I thought it better not even to press it, when now you’re choosing to get on my case for a scan?

Hm? no I’m not on your case, I said what I felt I should say because your comment came off demanding and disrespectful. After that and seeing as Rahptu let it go, I don’t care anymore lol.

Do you want a trade back?

yes please


I am seeing you in the middle of a forest, and I see you wearing some sort of traveler’s clothes, with a flute that you play. You seem connected to what is around you. You are wearing a sort of turban on your head. You play the flute, and music flows, it seems to ring with nature.

There also seems to be an elemental connection, to that of water. I see a puddle of water near you.

My vision goes to a cave, and it loops around the world back to the scene of you.

The forest seems to be alive with plants and animals scurrying about, maybe a snake. That’s what I’m getting.

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When scanning your energy system I don’t see any stagnation in your system but from what I can see on the flow of your energy your pathways seem very well worked out, your pathways feel dense while your energy is in a liquid state but the feeling is air moving through your fingers. When I look to your chakras I see these bright energy points that start from your base and work it’s way up your spine to your head. The vibrations of your energy sounds like this chime going through a hollow tunnel and it’s in a constant interval as it goes, it also gives off this smell of autumn if that makes sense, wet autumn leaves, earthy in nature. the color your energy appears to me is this light brownish color. The way your energy is moving through your system is pretty fast and due to your pathways density it looks as though your ability to do energy work is like large bursts so to speak, rather than small streams of energy.
When I go further into your energy but not quite to the point of a soul dive I see what elements exist in your energy I see what looks like earth/ambient, but I see air as well, while there is presence of water and fire but it does not seem as prominent as the other two energies that are within your system.