Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

Okay, I’ll scan you then. For me, just interested in my energy/area around me.

Want me to go first?

If you want a soul dive, best to go to the designated thread for that particular type of scan.

Yes you can go first.

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isnt this the right thread

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Okay when scanning your area/you:

First word I got was “corners”, and image was pictures of the corners of rooms, an area. Feel like this is where they may prefer to be/hang out at.

When I tried to scan whatever may be around you directly, I saw a grey/white colorless energy that didn’t really take a distinctive form/shape. However felt like it could take one at will. The energy felt mostly androgynous but did feel alittle feminine.

I did get a slight warrior like vibe from whatever I picked up on. And a stern feeling. Serious too. Not something I would particularly want to annoy for to long.

I did also get the picture of an older woman. Not elderly but not within her youth. I feel this is more to give a picture of “age” rather then what the being/they actually looked like.

I didn’t get a very friendly vibe towards me.


This is power sensing. There’s a soul scan/soul dive thread too.

I guess power sensing is more so a practices thread/general scan thread while the soul scan is specifically for things like soul diving. Dunno, didn’t make them myself.

Then to make things even more confusing, we have another scanning thread…the resurrection one…hmm

Thanks. I think all the info tou provided will help me. When I scanned you I saw white energy that turned into a goldish color. Then it took the form od a sphere around you. It felt very busy or rushed. Like a lot of energy putting put into a small space. It was strange because the whole scene looked like I was seeing your energy in a large void. No light and endless space.

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Im free to do some more scan trades. If anyone is interested. Trying to practice a bit.

I am sorry but I’ll only put efforts if the other person is willing to put the same efforts…so if you are up for it…I’ll do one :slight_smile:

i can try but I cant promise the scan will be correct

That’s alright! Even if it’s wrong I am fine with it! I’ll do one for you then

So to me your energy feels a bit stagnant around stomach/abdomen area! So maybe you need to work on it…to me some shadow aspects are coming forward like self love issues…and insecurities…maybe you need to work on it as part of your shadow work…but there is a lot of strong energy coming from your forhead and crown but as guidance and advice to work to balance your chakra and protect yourself spiritually…I am sensing a lot of healing to be coming forward…tramau issues…you are compassionate and caring soul
Now in essence of your core I do sense some starseed energy but your soul is extremely loving and very pure like unconditional love…plus lot of solar energy with feminine and masculine balanced…I also see feline aspects within you so and lot of connections to ancient Egypt so it may help you to work with energies like bastest…Sekhmet etc. Also try to work with sun deities like amatersu and others…light element is strong in your soul…but dont worry you can still work with dark energies…I see eagle as a message for you…its a advice to fly above without worrying about others! I sense strong connection to apollo for you and with greek gods and do you know about greek story of aradia? The daughter born of lucifer and Diana…I feel like when you will read that story it may be some sort of activation for you…as i I connect with your higher self and your guides I see a man with brown horns in nature and he is naked…seems like pan but not sure…and I see thunder and storms when connecting with your higher self and your guides…leavithan is coming forward! It may be about your draconian consciousness element which comes forward! Your soul core to me looks like a bouquet made of diff varieties of dangerous yet unique flowers…like Roses but remember roses has thorns too…so I picture your soul manifestation as one blessed with beautiful appearance like god apollo with powers of storms and thunders and with energy similar to like leviathan…primal yet beautiful…I see that you need to work on your throat chakra since I sense fear of speaking out something…speak it! Well I hope it helps you but let me tell you your energy is indeed powerful! Leaves me in vibrating state!
Wish you luck​:grin::+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you so much, I appreaciate it

did it feel mystical? :smiley:

I will return the scan when i have time, please feel free to remind me if i forget

by the way, do you do tarot?

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Yes it was mystical but I feel like its more a dangerous celestial vibe! And yes I do tarot

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like warlike celestial vibe? like the great Archangel Michael?

could i maybe get a reading?

I’m up for a scan trade.

Anyone free to scan me? Will scan right back :slight_smile:

Ooo someone please scan me :blush::blush::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Sure. I’ll do a scan trade if you like?

I cannot scan, but it would be great if anyone can scan about my clairvoyant abilities or about how able they are to communicate with spirits. Thank you…