Power of Prophecy. What is it? How does it work? What Are Prophets?

The concept of prophets, prophecy is quite alien to me. It is a big deal in Abrahamic religion. So how is the power of prophecy different from the ability to Scry Properly or to even scan properly?

Can a prophet give prophecy about anything he likes or is it some kind of vision that just comes at him without having any conscious control over them and that’s it.?

If U have any other info about prophecy/prophets, PLZ share.

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I think its a fallacy.

Inspired by those who work together to create what ever it is they wish.

It only works because most people don’t understand what they have.
Take away their power through spiritual corruption.
Create weakness in their minds, make them feel useless and then inspire them to take up a strong belief etc.

Control those beliefs and you have the psychic power of the masses to possibly bring
about a “Prophecy”.

Because of the way Abrahamic religions work. To me, it is more method and skill rather than prophecy, thus becoming self-fulfilling.

I think “prophecy” is really just a snazzy term for “divination,” as the latter sounds a bit too “magickal” to religious JCI individuals. It’s possible for anyone to have visionary glimpses into the future with magick, and in-fact there are some spirits that specialize in giving you these.

One thing that a lot of the visions in texts such as the book of Revelations, the Book of Enoch, and Dee & Kelly’s spirit diaries, the visions commonly termed “prophecies,” have in common though is that they all predict events to occur relatively far into the future, and they do so in rather abstracted ways.

I’ve had a good number of visionary experiences in ritual, and most of the more divinatory ones show me in some place doing something at some point in the future, and these are often accompanied by how I would feel about that future, and intuitions/advice on how I may go about getting there. If you look at these prophecies, however, they are often much heavier in symbolism, and tend to have a much broader scope than just the individuals involved.

I think one thing to keep in mind when contemplating these visions though is that just like any other form of divination, nothing is set in-stone, and that the individuals who received the prophecies had them filtered through their own worldview.

For example, there’s one in the Book of Enoch telling of a time when Raphael would come to the earth and bind Azazel. To my interpretation, Raphael was not binding him, but coming to work with him, in harmony. The binding interpretation stinks of religious “angel good demon bad” thinking, in my opinion. Makes more sense that way anyways - Azazel brings the war, and Michael protects the ones who shouldn’t be hurt (and likely does his fair bit of warring as well, Four Horseman anyone?), while Raphael heals up any unwanted collateral damage.

To answer your question then, if we define “prophecy” as being synonymous with “divination,” then yeah prophets should be able to help with anything that a tarot reader could, assuming that they are skilled enough. If we want to say that prophecies are a more specific kind of divination, then it seems like prophetic visions are given to individuals who work very deeply with the angels.

Speaking of, this reminds me of a cool vision Tzadkiel gave to me over the summer. I was on a yacht with a bunch of occultist friends, and we went out to a private island and did a bunch of rituals together. I don’t know why we had to go to an island for that, but I’m not gonna complain about a free yacht ride (well, unless it was my yacht, in which case hell yeah for wealth magick).

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It is my understanding that Prophecy is divination, but with more religious appeal thrown in. Just like God is worshipped, a Prophetic Vision is Supported vs Divination where it may not be.

Prophecy also is usually not controllable, whereas the Vision is more like a Force of Nature of something imminent or of some Far off Event.

I believe it is more or less a Vision that was more or less forced on you

Prophecy is divination without actually divining anything. You could just be going about your life, when all of the sudden, you start seeing visions of the future. Usually these things are bestowed upon by gods.

IT seem there is nothing special about prophets/prophecies. A good astrologer or some one who knows how to use the tarot can do the same.

Grew up hearing Moses was a prophet, Bless be upon the Prophet, Muhammad Bla Bla Bla— Thought it was some BIG DEAL. Seems many here can prophecies better than them. LOL

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No offense Goku, but I think your jealous of Prophets because the Gods favor them with visions. They are very special, because they were chosen by the gods to fulfill some sort of specific purpose.


Well, in those contexts, they are prophets not because they can divine the future but because they have spoken to god in person and then brought his words to mankind. However, that has nothing to do with prophecy.

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LOL, Gods should have favored them with something more useful and valuable. It seems power of visions is quite crappy. Power of Hulk would have been better and even more useful.

WOW !, now it make more sense. That’s what I was looking for, what made them Special?
BUT still why then call them ‘Prophets’? not some other name?

Maybe its only Religious Prophets. In the pagan sector a strong clair voyant with Future Sight would be the equivalent, this also distinguishing from someone merely doing Divination. I believe that must be the difference.

Edit: if its God that defines prophets, then essentially its a way of saying The Power/ability originates from God and not prophets. This pretty much fits the politics of The Church vs Heathens.

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A prophet is defined as someone “who speaks with divine inspiration”, whether that means speaking the words of a god or speaking a future told to you by a god is irrelevant.

As for what made them special, they were simply the right guys at the right time. Of course there are lots of other prophets even in Abrahamic faiths, but no one remembers the ones that did not make a splash, and most of the later ones are called other things like Saints and such anyway.


Ill explain to you prophesy…

Say you have a dream about a plane crashing, in the dream the plane crashes yad yada --. Then you awake … you get out of bed and go downstairs, on your lounge wall there is a picture with a plane on it and as your having your 3 am cup of tea wondering about the dream the picture falls off the wall. Three days later in the newspaper you see a picture of a plane crash that has crashed killing all aboard.

Your dream was prophetic - there has to be concretisation from the dream into the real world. Just as readily as the picture it could have been your little ones model plane left on the stair which you stood on as your walked to the kitchen. Time span for concretisation within 24 to 48 hours. Concretisation can be very abstract and difficult to see, so any dream that you cant find the concretisation yet might seem to happen doesn’t necessarily men there wasn’t concretisation.

A dream with no concretisation is just a dream this is why divination is so very very different and weak in comparison. Divination Is just mindless imaginary hallucinations, the more abstract they make it the more they can claim they have the gift. yawn yawn. Prophecy is absolutely unquestionable.

I was given this information by other worldly beings (angels probably) to pass along actually. Whether you believe it or not is not my concern.

Ive only ever had about 5 in the last ten years - before that I had no knowledge so might have had some but didn’t know. this information has never been known before. One time I had a dream and two numbers were prevalent and I mean really bright and blatant that being 2 and 44. next night I went to sleep and woke up at 2.44 am on the dot = (the concretisation). I never truly worked out what the numbers meant, but have associated it to lottery numbers. This is an example of a prophetic dream without actually understanding it.


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