Power of J.C

Hello, when i meditate today one smart question comed to me : How powerfull Christianity can be ? In Magic, voodoo using christianity, how christianity looks in the way without church laws only God laws :smiley: , Exorcists - They use magic they got visible power, anyone tried seraching christianity magic or evocated Jesus, Maria, Saint Spirit ?

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I evoked Jesus one time (he wasn’t bad but I still don’t like his dad, his son is better tbh, ironically when I was xian I prayed to Jesus only.) I do want to start working with the saints however.


I had no results with St. Expedite. Even though I had his picture, the candles and everything on the altar setup, he did not come through for me. Needless to say, he did not get his pound cake and five pennies!


We could start together i m from Poland its very catholic country my parents got like 6-10 things like crosses paintings with catholic thread :smiley:

A very Hip name … J.C…


(I moved this into the white magick section because some people already live in very religious areas, and prefer to avoid this kind of thing. :slight_smile: )

There are accounts of working with saints and so on on the forum, run a search and scroll through topics in this section, a few people do that and crossover into working with angels and ATRs/ADRs as well. :slight_smile:

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There is power stored in anything attributed to power. Just the image or symbolism is enough. You could do the same with Darth Vader or the Death Star.


Nice :smiley:

Saint Cyprian is interesting. Still waiting on results.


When results will come write about here :slight_smile:

Psst… Ask him about Necromancy lol

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Good Joke:D nope not John Cena

What do those acronyms mean?

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African Traditional Religions and the (newer, I think) term African Diaspora Religions.