Power is Like A Drug

Ok so heres whats going on:
I know alot of us are power hungry as fuck, but do you ever catch yourself having sort of withdrawals if you…idk…dont get enough power?

Like I find myself having random anxious states if I dont have ways of getting More power.
Like mental frenzy type shit.

Yes for fucks sake I know i can evoke and invoke and what not and gain power that way. I know theres Vampirism as well, but im looking for something…deeper dammit!

There are some other factors in my life that contribute to this obsession with power but those are being removed and all im left with is this drive. This blood curdling need. For more power.

spongebob mocking Voice
“WEll wHaT KiND oF POWer ArE yoU talkinG ABouT? TheRes mANy diFferEnT KinDs. AnGEl…”

I get that for fucks sake! I feel like im stuck and ive reached my limit so to speak. But i need more.
More Ascent. More Fire. More Power.

Any real advice would be appreciated


Focus on a new goal and build on that to sustain that desire


:thinking: i would say focus the power you have on your material goals for a bit. Ask yourself is you corporal life going the direction ya want if not focus your power to guide it the way your want. The “NEED” for more power can stem from an area you may feel you have little power to effect.

I know i almost fell i to that trap of chasing power for power sake after my first of reading bmoa even though in with certain operations kurtis openly states that chasing after it will almost make sure you dont aquire it and it others it’ll end like a bad chem experiment in a meth lab for the physical and subtle bodies :skull:

A big part of that being cause if you are so focused on 1 aspect of power you but blinders on yourself and miss alot of opportunities.


So what exactly have you been doing all these years to get more power? You’ve evoked and invoked, but what else?


Good Questions…

“Power” Meditations from JoS, Crazy Ass rituals on the daily, offerings, Soul Travel (to a degree), etc

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This is definitely true with me.

with certain operations kurtis openly states that chasing after it will almost make sure you dont aquire it

What do you mean here?

Knowledge about essential things can be just as valuable as power itself. It brings control, which is a passive aspect of power.


So, like energy work and general spellcasting? How do your evocations play a role in those?

Imagining each chakra being one lf the 7 hells in all its power and glory and my body being the abyss while simultaneously soul traveling into the past…to the void, and then to the future…to the void, to assimilate power.

I invoked multiple beings for the same purpose. Goetics…various legions (my own and others)…i didnt do spell casting for it tho

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I should note that i hardly felt anything with that :joy:

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The ability to let go has immense power. True power is effortless, so if youre trying to hard you wont ever find it ya know? Its one of the fucked up paradoxes


More than that, I would ask yourself if you are really in alignment with your path, not your ideological path.


Ive actually thought about that myself lately :thinking:
Funny you bring that up

When you do that, your ascent will truly flow effortlessly.

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Don’t you think you might be spreading yourself a little thin there and therefore not getting the full effect of each of these individual things because your focus is going up down and all around?


I like that :sunglasses:

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Possibly because of what I said above.

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Yeah thats true, but its the same process with a single focus.
Lets just say:
Root chakra + Inverted Pentagram on top

I can see both and focus on both clearly, but its the same thing…less effect

And you’ve been doing the same thing over and over for a while?

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Repeatedly. Dogheadedly. Stubbornly…as usual :joy:

Ever heard of the plateau effect when working out?

Over time the same routine doesn’t have the potency it does and your muscle development plateaus