Power Can Buy Money & Relationships But Can Money & Relationships Buy Power?

Power Can Buy Money & Relationships But Can Money & Relationships Buy Power?

I know a lot of monks and a lot of nuns in this world, primarily buddhist monks and buddhist nuns, maybe other asians traditions monks and nuns too, who preach day in and day out about attaining spiritual enlightenment to break the cycle of rebirth and death in order to escape the suffering of samsara.

This is why those monks and nuns would cut off everything in life like money and relationships and family and love and sex and even entertainments in order to work on evolving themselves primarily through meditation and prayers and such.

But one thing for sure. No one can cut off their addictions to food and drinks because those monks and nuns were tested by the various pantheons around us on their weaknesses and flaws and disadvantages and to no one’s surprise, those monks and nuns biggest sins are their addictions to food and drinks.

Thus these monks and nuns consistently fail to attain True Power.

I dont understand the connection here. :thinking:

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Well the problem is that the monks and nuns keep preaching that in order to attain true spiritual enlightenment to obtain all manners of all forms of siddhis, every human has to throw away all their money and totally completely cut themselves off from all love and all sex and all relationships and all families and all lust and even all friends.

Those monks and nuns would try to find caves in the Asian Mountains to meditate all the time hoping to form connections, maybe spiritual connections, with the various celestial pantheons in the Asians countries.

But time and time again, they would get too hungry and even too thirsty to concentrate properly on their meditations and prayers and rituals works and then those monks and nuns would have to crawl back to their temples again.

I will talk about the bankers and other Asian Masters next but you get the point(s).

From Wikipedia

Power is the rate with respect to time at which work is done; it is the time derivative of work:

{\displaystyle P={\frac {dW}{dt}}}

where P is power, W is work, and t is time.

So no, you can’t buy power, but you can buy things that can give you a mechanical advantage therefore giving you more power.