Power and Abilities

Does anyone have a solid method of manifesting abilities like increased strength, telekinesis, pyrokinesis.etc? I have looked all over this forum but no one has talked about any techniques or ways to actually achieve these powers.

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Fucking Time
That’s how.
Focus on becoming ALL of YOURSELF
then Ground and Center Yourself In YOURSELF
Other shit comes alive when you are READY
And only when You are Ready.
Fucking Time.


@AdamThoth has posted videos on telekinesis and has even started a group (I don’t know if it’s still open though):


You can learn to increase your strength by hacking your adrenal system using the techniques in the book Internal Alchemy by Taylor Ellwood.

I have never heard of anyone actually possessing true pyrokinesis. However, manipulating flame via energy projection is relatively easy to learn.

Work with the Nether Lord Krehl’a’teral, from the Book of Azazel. He can teach such powers to the dedicated student.


I wonder if those folks have made any progress, I heard at least telekinesis is genetic but idk.

Morgana is correct though. This is a lifelong commitment and it takes years to develop more advanced abilities.

To get abilities we should evoke and not for mundane stuff like getting an ex back.


I have a theory regarding the Inner Black Flame chant (Natz Ferata Infernum Negra). I’m personally working on this one everyday and I’ve gotten to the point where I can sometimes feel physiological effects with it. What it does is it awakens and raises your magick energies and so I theorize if you raised enough of it, you could expend it as telekinesis.

Here’s an article about it. He says that if you raise a lot of energy with this chant, than you need to expend it.

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I wondering if generating servitors to give one the ability to whatever u want would work???

i posted a guide about augmentation which is the ability to increase physical abilities such as strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, healing etc at will


The interest here is one of imbuing the body with the ability to distort reality, defy the laws of the mental plane of existence such as gravity or performing faster than light movements…Honestly, this body will die, it won’t matter if it could lift a car or not…But to pierce or disrupt the order of how reality flows from the collective mind…to infect it somehow with the equivalent of a computer virus, causing the construct as a whole to malfunction, or distort as u consciously please in real time…

We may not possess the individual power to collapse this all, or remove what separates everything from being a primordial soup…but to at least tilt things in a different direction, no matter how horrific or catastrophic the outcome…this is but a fantasy i suppose…

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