Power Anchors

So after a long time practicing here i am yet again.

I got some insights and one of these i want to share with you.

I read and listen to many people now that"They trie something particullar occult or spiritual practice out " and " They dont feel anything nor get results"

Ladys and Gentleman who just got started hear me out.

If you studied some occult texts and spiritual texts eagerly you would have known that your body is more than such material organic mass there are more subtle elements to it.

Such as : Chakras.Aura.mental-causal body-energy-cords.Astral body.the Nadis.etc.

Our body and being is like piles of a onion inside and out on many levels.

And so anything you do has a inprint on you that affects such levels of your existence some more and some less.

And if you start practicing some spiritual or occult practices.
You must have in back of your mind that your previous inprints on such thinks where dominant more materialistic and more outside psychological stimulis.

IT WILL take SOME TIME it depends how much you have practiced in previous lives or wich soul level you are on to overide or overpower such negative or dominant materialistic inprints who are your anchors of your now councessnes with the power anchors .

What are Power Anchors?

On my definition and knowledge it is a energy center or many energy centers that you create troughout your body(s) trough more spiritual means called magic. A magician wants in some way or form power thus he creates trough such
ch practices his power anchors.

Power Anchors are formed in our mind and subtle bodys with time patience and magical~Spiritual practices. It is a repeated spiritual impulse that gatteres in you to a energy center you concentrate on. Into a concentrated accesible spiritual energetic mass.

Not only your councessnes has acces to it if you Permit: beings,gods,entitys. Can enter in these power anchors thus enpowers it or vampirise,overide, inprint it and it is than a medium or a Power Anchor for such beings positive or negative or neutral.

Thus posessions~Channelings happen in this Way. Even invocation or Evocation. This IS a more direct mean to invite such forces into your Centers.

Practice dilligently without hesitation nor on some days , practice everyday to your end of your live and you will know what i am talking about.

Serpentslight ~

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Exactly only with dedication we can reach our goals


They way is the goal Brother!