Potent healing spells for curing cancer

hello peops,
So my dad is diagnosed with colon cancer, we found out about a year ago. I have been doing a lot of research on healing spells, cant find any good ones. Is there any out there that is potent enough to cure cancer. I’m doing the water healing spell for him right now.

Thank you guys


We don’t offer Medical advice on this forum. So for starters your father needs to continue to receive medical treatment.

But there are multiple Entities that are called on for healing. Raphael, and Marbas are good ones. I’d look into calling both of them.


I dont exactly work with angels, and I’ve called on marbas… result was not the best


but thanks anyway


Nergal repels diseases. Raphael is a good angel.


Nergal is a god am i right??

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i’ll have a look., thanks


My father died of same cancer. Here are some methods you could try. I got into magick after he died, so I couldnt try these methods on him.

  1. Buer is what you are looking for, he is a Goetic Demon :slight_smile:
  2. House of Kel from Sphere of Mercury might help.
  3. The book has few unique sigils. Invocation is required. Try them and see the results.
    Grimoire Sympathia - Workshop of the Infinite
  4. Psionics i.e. Radionics devices can be used for healing. This might be the way to automate the healing.
  5. I have not read this book, you might find something in here.
    Natural cures they don’t you to know about by Kevin Trudeau
  6. Sri Swami Samarth center in India has some medicine that is said to cure cancer. Call them and give it a try. It wont work after kemotherapy.

I’m finding it strange that President Marbas was unhelpful - but as someone has said he doesn’t tell people to stop conventional therapies, until he has been successful and part of that success may involve the patient needing to follow his instruction eg not smoke, give up sugar, eat a certain fruit, do certain exercise movements.


maybe the evocation itself was not succesful???


I can’t hear spirits yet so it makes it kind of hard to work with spirits


If you are not a very experienced magician, then there is no spell that we could recommend that will be successful in curing something like cancer because it is the power of the magician that fuels any ritual. No matter how “powerful” the spell, you have to be able to wield it. A powerful magician can use even the simplest spell to create miracles.

If you have difficulty working with spirits, then I would follow one of @ElectricDragon 's suggestions and look into psionics. Uncle Chuckie makes information about it free on his website. Just ignore all the evil mad scientist crap he spews. Radionics was originally created for healing, and doesn’t require a lot of training to use so you can put it to work easy enough and it has a really good reputation for effectiveness.

Another option is using your own visualization and intent to help your dad fight. It requires no spirits, just your own energy and will. You can meditate and visualize your dad, and then pump a whole bunch of energy into him and see it destroying the cancer. The only drawback with this method of remote healing is that it will require a lot of time, effort, concentration, and energy on your part. It’s not a cast and forget kind of working.

If your dad is mobile, he could also start practicing qi gong. There is a specific form that was created by a woman named Guo Lin for treating cancer, but all forms are beneficial for stirring up the body’s chi for healing.

Search on youtube for some forms to practice like this one:


That’s amazing I’ll look into everything u just put out. Man thanks! But I still need to practice with evocation. Wont rest until I’m powerful enough


@Lady_Eva has a shamanic tutorial that she may be willing to PM you that could be very useful for you in making real spirit contact, while you are working towards a successful evocation. She often offers it to beginners having trouble. Hopefully, she will be evoked by her name and shall do so for you.


:joy::joy::joy::joy:maybe she made a thread for this?

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No thread, it is offered individually.


oh ok. Is this some top secret shit

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No, it’s just a useful tool to grease the wheels, so to speak, and help assuage any doubt that this stuff is real. I think it is quite a bit simpler than the instructions that you find on the forum, but it is effective at providing personal results. Not everyone needs it, but I thought it could be helpful to you, since you want results as soon as possible for your dad.


yes, thanks. I dont get evocation. I have done a couple evocations… sometimes I feel the spirits presence. Sometimes I dont feel anything. And if i could hear em, I would be able to know whats going on, u know what i’m saying?