Post Ritual Sandwich Recipes (Concealment)

Ok guys, I will get started making super nice post ritual sandwiches today. What an amazing pasttime don’t you think? You can make a lot of friends in the process, if you get good at it and invite people over.

I love sandwiches, especially American style ones.

Today I am going to make those

Also I’ll make sure to get myself some fries to go along as well as some BBQ sauce and beer. Canned beer preferably, ice cold. Then perhaps some Coca Cola afterwards.

Ahhh…I love it.

Share your recipes!

I actually ask the spirit to make me a sandwich…they laugh and laugh and laugh…

Lol, just kidding.

I used to make a Rubin, with lots of sauce. I go pretty heavy on the sauerkraut as well, cause hell yes.

I have been getting away from sandwiches and heading more to teas. I find the whole process of brewing it, waiting for the tea to cool a bit, and drinking it while contemplating what I learned from the spirit in the ritual to be a great way to end a ritual.

Gourmet cocoa for me.
2 raw eggs whisked in whole milk. Honey, carob, chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and cardamom, stevia.

And either rice pudding or oatmeal with coconut oil, almond butter, cream, honey, raisins, and cinnamon. Oatmeal stout is also delightful (bottled, and definitely not ice cold). Goes with everything in my world. Mmmm post-ritual comfort food. Then, I can reread my scrawlings, add in details, and ponder how deliciously insane life is before passing out.

Excellent. Orismen since you mention tea you reminded me that I make my own coffee, similar to the so called “Bulletproof” version which is in fashion nowadays.

What you need for your own selfmade coffee:

  1. Find some good beans. Don’t save on the beans, make sure they are high quality and tasty. If you like it to be strong, choose strong beans (obviously).
  2. A grinder. I got mine for 10$ and its a little machine into which I simply put a handful of coffee beans and push a button and its ready and ground for me.
  3. I recommend getting a 20$ French Press. Cook up some water until it boils. Then place your ground coffee beans into the French press and pour the hot water over it. Seal it with the lid and let it spread into the water for 5 minutes or so.

Next separate the ground coffee from the rest of the liquid using the french press by pushing down the sieve. Pour it into a grinder and add butter. (this can be coconut butter or even MCT oil).

The result is a creamy, light brown liquid that tastes quite delish. You can add some vanilla if you like. I do not recommend adding any sugar. Stevia is ok but there is plenty of energy stored in the fat and the caffeine so you got yourself a powerful combo already.

This is a nice mix right after rituals, especially if you perform them in the early morning hours after waking up.