Possibly reached the rapture state. what do do next?

i was meditating and it seems that i passed the theta gamma completely because i didn’t see any shifts in my vision but instead i got massively tired for a a second or 2 and i closed my eyes but then i didn’t feel it. should i keep my eyes open while in the rapture while letting it engulf me? and does the rapture last that little amount of time?

Closing eyes may help with entering or deepening a trance; once reached Rapture I believe that in any case the physical world disappears, or at least it shifts on the background.
The magician may probably choose to stay in the Rapture or, if it is successful, the final stage would be the Crossroad.

the thing is that when i close my eyes that state weakens

Indeed some “things” may be different for everyone, so keep eyes open :slight_smile: and work on maintaining the relaxed state, alongside with surrendering to the trance (still, it must be wakeful and not medianic trance, nor sleep).

what is a medianic trance? and thanks for the advice

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It is the trance of seances and automatic writing; maybe sometimes they are “legit”, but generally the magical trance is an higher state… Anyway a regular practice of meditation while trying to maintain, precisely, a wakeful conscience should suffice to reach the correct trance (without a need to worry at that moment, with the risk of “blocking” it).

i was extremely close to reaching the crossroads yesterday, i was in the rapture and i think if 10 more seconds would have passed i would have reached it but something fell down and startled me and i just woke up and it was 3 am or something and i had to wake up relatively early so i didn’t do it again

i do meditate regularly and i am getting better at focusing on one thing so that’s good

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