Possibly A Stupid Question

A relative of mine placed my box of black candles out in the garage without telling me (she’s OCD, always moving things around), the damn things melted out there so then she tossed them in the garbage. I was looking foward to doing a ritual tonight, my current candles burnt completely out, and my location only has one metaphysical shop which is brace yourself…owned by a christian and his wiccan wife. They refuse to carry black candles because they think they are evil so now I have to wait 8-11 days for my new candles to arrive in the mail.

Can I substitute any other colors in place of black? I DO have violet and red candles on hand. I know with white magick you can substitute any color with white but I’m not doing white magick. Every ritual I planned on doing in the next few weeks calls for black candles, I don’t want to be forced to put everything on hold until they arrive.

I’m far from the best one to reply to this. But personally I would still go for it. You are on your path to godhood and I can’t imagine why a god would put off anything at all, simply because some black candles melted and they are waiting on the mail. I’d say grab another color and go. Purple has been thought of in the past as the color of royalty. That could work. And red, not sure about red honestly, but it’s certainly a powerful passionate color.

Red would be good. But any color is fine for now.

What are you using them for?

You’ll also have to realize that a lot of colors work with certain spells because of prevailing cultural beliefs. Sometimes that also translates into a color having an actual vibration or attraction towards something (for example, I never wear black in a cemetery because it attracts too much negativity).

That’s what I was thinking, it would be stupid to postpone all magickal workings for 2 weeks over some daggon candles, but I didn’t wanna take a risk of burning a different color if inappropriate. As Euoi said, certain spells are written to be used only with candle colors that correspond to the task at hand. I am mainly doing evocation, so I guess I will be okay. One of the spells called for black and violet but I forgot what it was for.

I went thru and planned out the next several steps of my pathworking over the next few weeks. I have a to-do list of rituals and spells put in order by difficulty to avoid tackling anything I may not be ready to handle yet. So the list is pretty full.

Laugh all you want,but I perform candle spells almost every day(what can I say,I’m needy),and many of these spells are clear,explicit black magic(mind manipulation,mostly).

I perform them,however,with white candles.I’m serious,I’ve rarely used black candles,mostly because I find it super-hard to get my hands on those and work with what I have.

So,black candles would attract energy,and catch the spirit’s attention easily,but white would send your will into the aether,and the spirits would catch the message and arrive,right?Just a hypothesis.

In fact,yesterday was my birthday,and I got a whole box of white candles from a friend.I’m waiting for the results from a spell I performed yesternight that I forgot about(until I was reminded here and now),but I’m sure it’ll work out.

White candles can be to cure and kill. They’re wonderful.

I went ahead and substituted them with violet and red and just as with any other type of magick, I discovered that as long as my intent was insanely powerful, it still works. In fact, I was so focused on my intent last night determined not to let a candle color stop me, that was the most powerful evocation I have experienced so far. Immediately after, I could feel the darkness all around me so I pulled it into me and it was out of this world.

My senses were heightened to extremes I have never felt before, my room looked the same but as if I was viewing it with a different set of eyes. The objects around me almost looked 4D or 5D instead of the usual 3D, like I was part of my room instead of just in it. After pulling the residual dark energy into myself, I laid down and allowed it to “take” me. The feeling was unreal, felt powerful and unimaginably good. Although I was physically exhausted afterward and slept in until 11:45 today.

Today, I feel more alive but my body is very sore. The more I evoke, the more intense each session becomes but I have heard that exhaustion is normal while working your way thru to the more powerful demons, and that it can be hard on your body until you become an adept at it. I wonder if I should relax and recover for a day or two, or fight thru this exhaustion. I think it may be a test to see if I can handle myself enough to keep pressing thru and climbing the ladder of ascension.

It was for evocation? Then it wouldn’t really matter.
However, violet is associated with psychic powers and the moon. So it can be used to intensify rituals where those abilities are used.