Possible to be cursed from birth?

So as my title states, is it possible to be cursed from birth, and how do you go about breaking these curses? Not going to just immediately jump into any details, because I’m not the type of person to complain and I don’t want to come across as woe is me. I have just felt like my entire life, there was a curse or something in place to make sure that I stay isolated and that nothing goes according to plan.

I will clarify the stay isolated part though, I don’t have many friends, or people I talk to at all for that matter. I have tried in the past, but I don’t know maybe I just don’t know how to keep in touch? I get along with people fine, but don’t have any actual friends so that’s probably something on my end. I digress, as far as the curse question goes, everything seems to take the worst possible turn, (low on money, car or something breaks, try to switch jobs, get to the final stage and suddenly there’s a hiring freeze).

I will say that my mom was a bit strange, crazy honestly (hit a tree while drunk driving cussed out the dog for running into the tree), and told me multiple times that there was her world and the real world, and I had to choose which to live in. Now I recognize there’s a lot of issues at play there (trust me I could write a book about that one, and may do it thinking about it lol), but in her psychosis could she have done something that I’m still paying for? I mean she once told me she was going to sell me to a demon, which I just took as another episode of “Today in the world of psychotic crazy” :rofl:, but is there anything she could have actually done and how would I break it?

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Yes, it is.

First of all, confirm it is, in fact, a curse through divination, preferably by a neutral third party. Then try to find out what kind of curse it is. For example, it could be a generational curse or a bloodline curse, or a past life curse, or maybe someone simply didn’t like that your mother was pregnant so they threw a bunch of negative energy at her womb while you were in there.

It’s also possible that, rather than a curse, you have a binding set upon you. You can have certain aspects of your life bound so they cannot reach their full expression. I personally had my material prosperity bound, for example, due to actions I took in a past life that led to much suffering for others.


Don’t know how to do the quotes, so forgive me, but suggestions on finding a neutral third party? Is there a thread I can ask or something? I’m weird about asking for help or advice, everyone is dealing with their own things so if there’s like a source or thread or something I’d be grateful for direction. Even this post I deleted six times before I actually said forget it and actually posted lol

Edited to say thank you for the reply

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Your energy centers have blockages or outright damage whether it’s from a curse or from the very clear evidence that you’ve presented of being abused emotionally possibly physically and perhaps even both someone else said to find out from a third party through divination about the curse I completely agreed also but since curses damage the energy centers of your being some predatory spirits who seek out something damaged to leech off of it could be the cause also possibly the spirit of someone in your life or in your abusers lives that has passed on and continuing the cycle I wish you the best of luck that’s my take on it you may want to practice some banishing weekly until you feel like you got a hand on it as well as divination

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Thank you for your take. On the abuse, yes, physically, mentally,etc, my mom did however she could whenever she could. For a long time it honestly broke me down a lot, in the end though I like how I turned out so maybe it was worth it? Who is to say. She gave me the perfect example of who not to be lol.

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Hey is it possible to tell your age?

By the way I got exactly the same problem as you regarding being isolated, not having friends. I can make easily friends but the friendships always ends somehow etc… there’s always a separation, I know what you are feeling.

If you are still in your 20s, I will tell that you should see some improvement around the 32 years old, 36. I suspect that it might the South node of the moon in your birth chart ( Ketu) that is isolating your from the world.

If you don’t want that, immerse yourself in the material world. Be materialistic, you must be assertive and alert regarding material matters.

And I think you can be someone that doesn’t really like competition for eg: let’s say there is a girl you like, you want her but another guy is also around trying also… you might not want to engage in that battle, you ll just say it’s fine I will get another girl. Fuck the first one.

Please confirm the statement regarding the competition thing.

Also set up a good schedule for your spiritual practices so that you know when to mediate etc and when to focus on material things.

For your mum there can be a conjunction of Moon with North node of the moon ( Rahu) or an aspect of Rahu on the moon.

But without an actual birth chart I cannot confirm anything

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I am 34.
The competitive thing is selective, I choose my battles, but understand that in the scheme of them, most are not worth fighting. I can be extremely competitive, if I feel that the outcome is worth it.

On the materialistic part, honestly material things have always been of little concern to me. I’ve been homeless, and I’ve had plenty. Perhaps I put too little importance in it, but being without gave me the view that none of it really matters, it’s just seeking to fill a hole that it can not fill.

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Okay okay thank you for your reply

When I suggested about you being materialistic was to counter the excessive spiritual energy in you. When someone is on the deep path to know himself, he usually find himself isolated. Your brain and conscious doesn’t want to accumulate unnecessary energies from other people that why there could be energy of separation, it can be emotional or physical.

The main symptoms will be great activities in dreams, visions, astral travel etc… but also great for foreign travel or settling in another country.

The same energy that helps you to have big circle of friends or your network circle is the same energy that gives gains ( cash :dollar:).

If you check your birth chart, look for where the Moon is placed and in conjunction what planet. Is there any planet in a house behind the moon or next house after the moon?

Where are you Rahu and ketu situated? Are they in the 6th and 12th house?

Where is Saturn placed?

All of this will help you pinpoint exactly what happening and what can be fixed

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I will look tomorrow, forgive me today has been a bit hectic

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So I pulled it up , the moon is by Mars, that’s about all I can tell because not sure what I’m looking at tbh lol. I don’t see any information on Rahu and ketu? Saturn is at 23 55 if that makes sense.

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Is it possible to screenshot in my DM?

The known as the north and south nodes of the moon in western

Sure thing, once I figure out how to dm lol. Not sure I can yet if it’s locked behind a time

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So I guess it won’t be for any time soon?

Without seeing your zodiac signs and houses in which the planets are. I can’t really help. I could only guess. But I was sure that your moon would be conjunct with Rahu or mars because of the Mom thing you said.

Doesn’t like I have the ability to dm yet, probably locked because account is newish

Yes, the ability to PM is locked by the system for new accounts until they reach a certain level of activity. Once you reach that threshold it will unlock automatically.

Good to know :blush:, at first I thought I was just being blind lol. Thank you for the info