Possible third eye opening

Hey there people. Last night I spoke to Lucifer regarding help with advancing my psychic senses and abilities, didn’t go too much broad into exactly it is I wanted. However, shortly after I felt a hard pressure right in the middle of my forehead, saw very vaguely a few disembodied faces, this continued for a while and I definitely felt “electrical” spikes on my body as well as clearly smelling sulfur in the room… Any ideas if this pressure I am experiencing is actually the third eye development chosen by Lucifer to give me at this time, or rather assisting me with it for a lack of better wording. Regards


Many people do feel the pressure and smelling weird things. I would say it is opening, try some third eye meditations. Like the blue ray that E.A shows in his video literally called the blue ray meditation. also to make it open “faster” surround yourself with violet and other hues of purples and blues. But trust your intuition and Lord Lucifer and it will open.


Thanks for the advice, will most definitely look into it!


no problem

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The sensations sound like your third eye, but I think the sulfur is from the spirit that visited you when gifting you with this. I will say in my experience, Lucifer has never smelled like sulfur. He has more of a tobacco and pine - like musk…so maybe it was another spirit working on his behalf?

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I must say, forgot about this thread, and in the interim I’ve actually deduced exactly as you say there!!!
Spot on!

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