Possible Success Story

Not for me, but my son. My kid has been out of work for a couple of months. It’s not for lack of trying, rather lack of success. A few weeks backs he dropped a bomb in my lap. He told me he’s been having prophetic dreams (that have warned him of impending trouble) for years. When he heeds the warnings, it’s kept him out of trouble. When he ignores them, he finds himself in bad situations. This info lead me to open up to him about my beliefs and how I exercise them. So I pointed him to Josephine McCarthy’s Quareia program. It’s a good place to learn the fundamentals. I figure someones watching out for him, and told him it’s worth exploring to find out who it is.

That’s the background, here’s the story. He’s almost out of money and getting desperate for work. I told him about sigil magic, and gave him some links to read. He asked a bunch of questions afterwards for clarification. This morning he sat down and came up with his statement of intent, than made his sigil. He opened the sigil then went outside to mow the lawn to ground himself. Knowing he needed to take some action to create a pathway, he went to one of the places he’s applied to, and never heard from, and the manager said she’d pull his app. Afterwards, he went down the road a bit to another place he applied to, and also never heard back from, and talked to the manager of the dept he wants to work in. He has an interview tomorrow morning at 10. He has followed up with both of these companies before with no results. I won’t call it a success until he’s actually been hired, but…

Sounds like he’s got it in the bag.

Here’s something I found useful in the same situation. Even though I had nothing to do, I shower, shave, get dressed and all clean and sharp as if I did have somewhere to go or something important to do.

After a few days of loafing and feeling sorry for myself, I got up and decided enough of this, and locked my intent on finding a job. I got into the shower with the ritual intent of preparing myself for that goal, and before I was even out of the shower, I was informed someone had called offering me a job.

My experience with the shower sounds very similar to your son’s lawn mowing. Although I did still manage to fuck up that job by accepting another one I thought was better, which turned out to be really shitty, so I quit that one too.

Most useful of all was when I stopped trying to conform to the first job available and started looking for a job that was right for me. Logically, that seems counter intuative because you’d think it would limit your options. But that wasn’t the case at all, instead everything just fell into place.

Now I “work” 4 days a week, friday to sunday off, full benefits, and honestly I pretend to work most of the day. Not that I’m fucking the dog, there’s just nothing to do, and I’m expected to look busy. I fill my time doing reality checks, inner silence and meditations, things I rarely remembered to do before. It’s so weird having a job that doesn’t make me miserable!

That’s a really cool story. It reminds me of the few times I’ve received money I wasn’t expecting simply by having the need for it. And having a job that doesn’t make you miserable is a rare thing, indeed!

So here’s the update. The manager he interviewed with likes him and wants to hire him. It’s now in the hands of the store director. I don’t see any issues with him being hired.