Possible strange energy effect presenting bodily

Sorry if the title sounds a little strange, difficult to articulate this succinctly. Since about mid last year (maybe earlier, hard to say) I’ve had strong pulsing in my lower legs and feet. It has become stronger over time to a point that its a serious constant distraction, making it hard to focus on other things or get to sleep.
Early on when it was weaker, I thought it was just my energy system doing something odd (I do a lot of energy work and have released a lot of issues over the last year or so and I’m therefore used to new energy movements arising).
Over time as it got worse, I thought it was likely actually a strange blood circulation issue that was causing the pulsing sensations., However, I’ve had a couple of doctors take a look. They don’t think it has anything to do with circulation and could find nothing off of that nature in their examinations. They were not able to offer any alternative hypothesis.

Interestingly, when I place my hand on my lower legs or feet, I feel in my hand and it feels like the leg itself is pulsing hard (completely consistent with the constant hard pulsing sensations). This suggests to me that it is physical (such as the circulation possibility I mentioned before). However, when I’ve had the doctors place their hands to feel the limbs pulsing, they feel nothing at all, which seems very unusual.

I asked a very good energy healer I know to check it out remotely. His feeling was that it was some kind of energetic purging. However, he wasn’t able to offer any further insight. That is very unusual as he has extraordinary insight into my energy system in every other respect and I’ve very seldom known him to be wrong about any of it.

I spend a lot of time in the sea and this has no effect on it. In point this out because whenever my energy system needs some settling, some time in salt water usually settles things right down.

So it physical or is it energetic?

So I’m wondering if any of you have experienced something similar? Or have insights into it? If anyone here who is particularly good at remotely scanning energy systems would like to, I would be open to you taking a look


If you have suffered in the past with back problems then one possibility could be that you have a trapped nerve somewhere sending a signal to that part of your body :thinking:


I haven’t had back issues, but that is a very good thought though