Possible spiritual attack?

Hi I was I initiated as a mason and the following day I had a dream where I was in a very posh mansion with fellow masons who were at my initiation and they were forcing me to run train on a woman after they had all finished inside her, I refused and woke up from what felt like a nightmare. I then couldn’t keep my eyes open and fell straight back into sleep where I was being escorted by a horse and chariot out of the mansion to a desert like place where there were many people dressed in rags and a huge rainbow above our heads. Not sure if the rainbow is significant at all (it’s the first time I have ever dreamed of a rainbow) but there was one mason who stood out in particular who was very adamant that I must have sex with this woman. I am wondering if that night he spiritually attacked me? My second meeting someone said to me, I joined freemasonry at your age too but I wish I had waited till I was older… the last couple months it has had me thinking was this more than just a dream…

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Dreams are totally subjective but, by chance are you low key concerned that the morals of the masons may be more flexible than your own?

I don’t know. I don’t know enough about the organization to know what they practice.

However, is there any possibility they do astral initiations, or that they work with a specific group of spirits that might have a weird seeming initiation? I mean I don’t know what they practice or what spirits they might work with, I’ve had a lot of instructional dreams and projections, but some of them had a weird application process in my dreams, so I took it for what it meant in my life at the time and with what I was getting into spiritually it made sense.

Dreams are really subjective and I’ve had subconscious and even some of my servitors use fear in dreams to get a message across that was not getting because I wasn’t remembering my dreams.

So it really depends an awful lot on you and I can’t comment much on what the masons may or may not do as I’m not privy to that.


Thanks for your reply, an astral initiation came to mind especially when one of the guys came up to me the next time and said he wishes he waited till he was older…

Perhaps I am looking into it too much and it was in fact a dark subconscious thought that may have came about from stupid tiktok videos I don’t really know

I hope what I experienced was not the former because I did something incredibly embarrassing which I have not mentioned in this post but anyhow it plays on my mind quite a lot so thought I would see what peoples thoughts were

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That’s because freemasonry although having some good advice, like breaking your day up into thirds and whatever but it is a bit of a spiritual gangbang of the divine feminine. I think you’ll eventually find they are just as clueless as the rest of the groups out there.

If you don’t already, I highly recommend using some sort of banishment or protection when cruising social media.

I use something I created to help passively with any energy being passed through media, but I still have times I come across things that just give me a freaked out vibe, so I banish afterwards.

Or like my servitors are designed so their images can passively bring their positive energies into your life, if you display them with that sort of intent, but they are not to let their energies pass through if it’s not intended.

But that means I thought about the people casually viewing my work, and I don’t think everyone does this. I also think there are bad eggs out there that do just want to drum up business or hurt others so I do think sometimes it’s intentional male intent, but not always.

I don’t use TikTok personally, but once in a while something will come up on the web or instagram that seems to clearly have negative shit attached.

Well, that will definitely play out in your dreams in my experience. It doesn’t matter if I think I said too much to someone or otherwise embarrass myself, I often have dreams that basically put out there how I feel about something, especially when there is no reasonable outlet to express myself upon.

Like for example when someone thinks they know what is going on, and I tried to explain what it really was they wouldn’t hear me- I’ll dream about that in some weird way that shows they are doing what they want because they couldn’t see it because…

So for me a lot of my dreams simply explain things, my feelings or fears and basically put it into terms I can understand and then deal with.

So it could be absolutely nothing, or it could absolutely be a message from your subconscious and like I said before, I have had weird spiritual experiences in dreams and through projections with spirits of closed door practices/religions so I can’t really decide for ya what it might be.

I’d start a dream journal, or even just typing them in your phone or thinking about whatever you may have dreamed when you wake up, to help you learn your dreamscape and what things mean to you.

If you do it a little bit, eventually you start knowing what a dream is supposed to mean to you, or get a better sense at least of when they are important and when they aren’t.

I have had attacks come up as something I dreamed, my subconscious trying to let me know I was under attack, and I’ve been attacked by things when I’ve left my body too, so it’s kinda all possible, but something’s will be more or less likely based on you and your habits.

Like most private practitioners probably rarely get attacked, but I put myself out there in many ways, in the web, social media, I’ve not listened to my gut when my instincts said someone was a bad person and that sort of thing, so I do not expect that most newer practitioners would be under attack.

However when you join a group, there’s no telling who might be in it or have an undisclosed agenda, so you can’t really rule it out at face value.

Thank you for this!! This has really changed my perspective on dreams and the meanings hidden behind them, since you posted this I have been able to decipher dreams a lot better and have started a journal!

Also I’ve cut down my social media usage especially so with tiktok, I’ve realised that app can be really antagonising. I’ve learned a lot from it but the bad definitely outweighs the good

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