Possible for magick to manifest pain in body when cleansing it?

The pain I felt was in both knees, it was equivalent to when I broke my leg. The doctor took x-rays a few weeks ago, called me on the phone and said I had to go see an orthpedic doctor because I had something like medium bad arthritis in my x-ray.
I went to the orthopedic guy today and he says no problem at all. I told him I had not had any real pain since that first doctors visit (the original pain built up over about a month before I went in, then I went in and got the xray)

Can detoxing/cleansing or whatever it is called cause physical pain? Or maybe magick healed it.

Anyway, is it possible

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From my experience when I do an uncrossing spell for 3 days I get sick somehow and clear up when I am done with the cleaning! Usually not too serious but if its bad then I know I am dispelling a stubborn negativity…
Sometimes things get worse before they get better! But you must keep at it!