Possible first interaction ( that I know of) with Lucifer

I commute to work ( night shift) and tonight it is very windy with rain etc…
I usually listen to Sirius XM Craig Furgusson but tonight I just turned it off… quiet,

A very emotionally turbulent week for me I just felt I needed someone to talk to.
I began to chant something I learned from Indigo Priestess from one of her Vids…

Balishtoo balishtoo ak ma to… and he was on my mind…

After about a min or so I suddenly felt a warm calm come over me, comforting and relaxing and flashes in my mind of someone sitting beside me in the car…

So I said aloud , if it is ok I really just need someone to talk to.

I had a conversation with the answers coming in my head etc.
Now what I am trying to discern is, was this really him? or just my mind?

He would answer and in an almost affectionate way use the term “My boy” in a fatherly manner…

Oh of course my boy …

When I ran out of things to say, he was very reassuring and listened, I just said if you want to hang around a bit I would not mind… and the answer I received is , of course my boy I can stay…

And after about 10 minutes he said, well I must away as I have some things to do and he departed…
But was left with that calm feeling, and some of the pain of the week was relaxed and I made it to work…

Any thoughts?
Thank you as always…


Lucifer is the only one I’ve never received conscious messages from while evoking. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t communicate. He likes to use dreams, pictures and words popping into my head while in a semi awake stage. This seems very different from the way he interacts with many others, but he always uses someway to let me know he’s around. Also big on plopping videos, posts, etc in my path when I need information. I do get a very paternal vibe from him as opposed to a friend or lover vibe other spirits give me.


Many spirits seem to use coincidences and synchronicity to communicate to achieve the goals they have and disguise their workings in the camouflage of the natural world. I think… :confused:

It is different with Odin as well, I never see the “Terrible” side of him he has always been more a father.

I think I depends on the spirit and how they relate to you. I work with others who drop their name or small puzzles on me so I know they are around. Or they use emotions and touch to tell me they wish to talk. Recently I started seeing a strange symbol in the thread patterns of fabric. Later that day it turned out to be the symbol for a band and a song that summed up our relationship perfectly.

I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences and love my team dearly. They never cease to blow my mind on what I thought was possible, and frequently drop by to stroke my hair and face. Or let me talk to them when I’m hurting.


No shortage of hurting right now… sadly.

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Seems to be a death and rebirth cycle hitting lots of people right now, myself included. Just got to ride out the wave of shit and know that it won’t last forever. Change is constant, and it’s all about how you respond to it.


What a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing it. I’d say if you were thinking about him while chanting and then someone CAME and sat with you like that, it was him. You know, they interact with us on a one to one level. I mean, he does not just treat us in a cookie cutter way. I have my own relationship with him which is different from others. Just because others may not have had this type of interaction with him does not mean its not possible. You needed that and he gave it. Don’t let doubt take that away. This is a personal walk and if you believe it was him, go with your gut. That is what I always say. Trust yourself.


I agree


Thank you :slight_smile:

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This sounds like Lucifer. My very FIRST experience with him was about a year before I was serious about reaching out. I was in a bad place, my world upside down (I like order) and I lost all feelings. I was considering taking the permanent route just because it was so logical.

At any rate, I called to him - still somewhat fearful of the unknown. He led me outside to sit in the sun and it felt like he wrapped a warm blanket over me and melted all the troubles away. He didn’t take everything, he just made it bearable. At the time I heard in my head “I am the light, come home.” But I wasn’t in a good place so I thought it was just me. Nope.

He is pure comfort, everytime he comes. Sometimes the energy is super sexual too but that could just be the intensity reacting. And he’s chatty if you listen. If you argue with him or don’t see reason he gets irritated quickly.