Possession Questioning

How come in movies and shows when they show people being possessed. The face changes like black cracks opening on the skin and vomit coming out of their mouths happen. Among other things.
I’m not talking about CGI effects and most of it is fake. But some videos out there make you wonder. I guess my question is does our will power and relationship with demons give us more control of ourselves?
Let’s say a normal person who doesn’t believe in any of this does get actually possessed. And yet a magician standing next to him never has any problems. Is it because we are in league with demons??? Yet we can get possessed on purpose but the demon doesn’t fuck around and try to kill us.

A lot of those possessions aren’t done by demons that we work with. Demons is more a title for anything that the religious groups wanted to be evil while I feel those possession cases are things that could be consider actively malicious either intentionally or by instinct.
As for the appearance I think that is a mix of physiological effects and mental projection from the creatures aura overlapping with physical senses. Same way we could surround ourselves with a certain type and magnitude of energy and consequently look terrifying to certain people.

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