Possession of Ahriman

I’ve heard mentally that Ahrimanic possession is seen via a blackened eye/eyes, does this have any reality too it?

Possibly but I wouldn’t say it is by that specific spirit or set of spirits but more that polarity of energy being used in massive quantities. It doesn’t even have to be possession either. The eyes of one of my friends when he gets particularly angry or uses a lot of power turn black and he seems to radiate literal darkness now how much is a physical effect and how much is an astral effect of the energy that is so intense as to override the physical perceptions of those watching I can’t say but he uses a lot of vampiric and psionic based abilities.

I have been told my own eyes turn yellow and the rest of my body pale with black veins in similar situations which leads me to believe that it is more a purely energetic effect strong enough to impress itself over the physical senses of even non sensitive people. An illusion representative of what is happening energetically in short. It doesn’t happen often either it is more the magical equivalent of snapping and punching the person in front of you for pissing you off despite all logic and self control to the contrary. So outside of very bad crisis type events or extreme emotional turmoil I wouldn’t count on seeing or experiencing it in full level.

Well I’m a very intense individual when it comes to energy, friend says I’m a vampire for sure… the blackened eye thing is energetic and has been happening ever since I started exploring sorcery.

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