Possession in a Dream?

Hey, I have a question for you about a dream I had last night. The dream started quite normal. I was doing some things. But suddenly I felt like I was possessed. Like it was no longer me doing the things. It was like in the movie Click, that I’m in the passenger seat and am watching, what I’m doing. And I was doing some weird stuff. I was preparing something.

At some point I realised, I’m loosing completely control. And the spirit is just using my body as a tool. It is worth nothing to it. So it would even damage it to reach the goal.

Finally I fought to get control back. And this felt like someone was ripping my guts out. Finally I was able to get control back. And at this time I woke up. And in RL I had this feeling, like some one was dragging me by my guts.

It was somehow strange. Has some one experienced similar situations? It was nothing like a possession is described in literature. And I have to mention, that it was not because of “recent” work or any kind of work I can refer to.

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Unknown spirits tried to possess me 2 times
The first time was a bit scary, but I said a word of power in arab “Haddar” (the one who punish/god in a monotheistic pov) that let me out of that shit

The second time, I dreamed that I was in my bed and I felt like a high pressure on my neck and head, but I woke up