Possession & Dating

I’m going to be doing a almost complete possession with Lucifer and Astarte at some point soon (probably not together though!) - Astarte first because we agreed on a 2 month period, whereas with Lucifer, it’s going to be longer, I think.

But I wondered, have you ever achieved that level of possession, and had to deal with weirdness or questions from people you dated? How do you deal when the possessing entity overshadows you while you’re having a drink and a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend, for example?

I ask because I’m going to be making myself available to date someone special soon and I know that the planned possessions will be done as soon as I’m able to. I’m just not sure how to deal with his questions, and if he notices I’m not myself, per se (not in a bad way, but…). This guy is very intelligent and open minded, but as far as I know, he’s not into the occult. His daughter, apparently, is.

I do plan on putting a clause into the pact with Astarte that she will not cause any weirdness when I’m with others, and that she will withdraw during intimate situations. I have the same clause in my pact with Lucifer.


A version of this is in every partial possession I do and I only allowed full possession once, by Belial, but it stipulated I wouldn’t leave the area I was in and I was alone.

I would honestly ask for an opt-out for that period of time or reschedule the date, if it isn’t a “practice” date. If I’m going on a date with someone and she’s shows odd signs, I’m not inclined to a second. If she acts very differently during the second than the first, there won’t be a third (if I can’t figure out why with a decent reason). This is assuming that your personality is different than Astarte’s, of course.

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Appreciated. I can see what you mean, if I was casually dating.

But this guy and I go way back and I can see a long term future for us. I feel inclined to have a little chat with him about this type of thing, especially since I’m damned and will be repeating the damnations after each gate has been completed - so there’s going to be possessions and other kinda stuff going on.

I’m just wondering if other people’s partners have reacted badly or were there any pitfalls, or perhaps if anyone found a really good approach to this type of thing.

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Make a journal. Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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:rofl: I might, if I can remember to do it!

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i dont think i’ve ever been fully possessed, only partially. And the few times it was by angels… Well i think i asked Lord Lucifer to partially possess me once a long time ago. i’m not sure anymore.

You’d know if Lucifer possessed you even if it was just partially. :slight_smile:
I was temporarily possessed by him to the obsession degree. When we did the rite, there was no denying it, no mistaking it. And the infestation stage certainly got my attention. :wink:

idk. it looks cloudy when i think about it

ur probably right tho

I’m still trying to clean up the mess that was made when I got all into these entities, no possessions initially, even though I was doing some channeling with Belial and evoking stuff outside the circle. Well, things “progressed” or I should say, got really fucked up somewhere along the line, and my husband wanted to get rid of all symbols and stuff that reminded him of certain occult things including such things as generic five pointed stars and Stephan King books. He thought getting into a salt-water bath was “torture” as if he was possessed by something, and none of the demons I was working with at the time would give me a straight answer. I was way messed up before I ever consented to a complete possession by Astaroth, its just things got so out of hand by that point, I had been riding Lucifer around, and I was brought to my husband’s messed up world with technology and people controlling him.

Well, lets just say if I actually thought that going back to church and becoming some sort of fundamentalist would fix all of this I would, but I just can’t see fundamentalism or atheistic scientism fixing this mess, instead those type of things would probably just set it in stone, a place where I do not want to be. So its going to be working with Astaroth and setting some boundaries, because the alternatives are worse.

I can’t believe how oblivious my husband was about the fact I was completely possessed in the first place, but then again he was having his own serious issues with stuff. (so, if he is oblivious to it, that isn’t great even though you might think so at first.)

You could ask the Daughter what she knows about possession, and also see if she knows whether the man is into the occult or at least have a basic understanding of it.
Also, asking the Demons on how to approach the Daughter and the man you are dating. For example, how to bring up the occult subject, and the possession subject, and, if you should mention your possession to the Daughter, or the man… The Demons might give a means to reveal it without ruining the relationship. ( Best to use caution with this option )