Possessed by several spirits help

I can’t seem to stop being possessed. Several spirits take over my voice in the 3rd dimension.
Please help.

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They are also putting me in a lower timeline, please help.

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Do you know the names of the spirits? Why are they consistantly possesing you? When did this first happen, how long has it been going on for. Please explain more about your situation, that way its easier for us to pinpoint the cause of your situation and how to potentially resolve it.


Are they royalty or parasitic annoying little shits?Or maybe, I’m not kidding, are you exposed to high energy readings. EMF ect.
If parasites, ignore and have Belial kick their asses. If high emf, potassium iodine and get alkaline. Belial taught me this when the whole house thought we had a “morgellons” or some crazy shit time loop glitches. none of this shit is real, he said, they are just invasive bacterial like entities. He said ignore these cwords and we did and then he did his Belial thing and poof, shit normalized.

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It’s my father who is not only possessing me, but he also became my spirit guide. PLease give him a punch in the face. Tanks.

“lower timeline”? What is that supposed to mean? So, several spirits are possessing you… but not really, because it is just your father? Which is also your spirit guide?

A timeline has a frequency, I am now going down hill. My father is indeed possessing me and other spirits.

How to get alkaline? I’m asking because I suspect I might be dealing with high EMF sensitivity