Positive with my progress and feeling great!

I just felt lime sharing my progress in working with the great King Paimon.

I’ve had a few more dreams with him, and i think one of these was an astral projection. That was incredibly cool, I was talking to Him and two other kings (i think the two that usually accompany him) and he definitely showed up more as i expected him too; very royal. It was imppressive.

I’ve been seeing camels EVERYWHERE and i was just gifted a box of camel chocolates (which i shared with him) and the lid of the box has camels ingraved on it. Guess who’s using it as their incense holder now! I’ve also been seeing his name pop up more frequently on the reddit occult groups im in which is cool.

I definitely feel a connection now. I’ve been having some worries about some people and i’ve just got back from my regular invoking (still cant really hear or sense him but talking is becoming more natural for me now) and i’m lying in bed and i’m just flooded with a really warm, fuzzy feeling. I feel so happy and elated and almost overwhelmed by this. I really, really felt the urge to share this with you guys even though it’s just me rambling on.

King Paimon is freaking awesome.


Rambling is fine happens to me all the time. Work on your third eye consistently using focusing on it and forcing it’s power/potential to the surface. I’ve not worked with King Paimon your experiences sound incredibly positive. Keep up the pressure diligently and you’ll be seeing your results in no time but don’t be surprised by what you see lol. Great to hear, keep deriving motion from momentum.


I try practice most days and im invoking almost every night! I feel my third eye is more consistently active recently which is fantastic.
Glad to see im on the right prath, i appreciate the response and advice :smile:

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Make notes on why you failed on the days you do and compare them to similar circumstances when you didn’t. Cross cover weaknesses. Do you keep a personal Black Book/Grimoire? No worries. Personally I don’t think there’s enough encouragement in the face to face world for the up and comer.


his is indeed, hail king paimon


Please all do tell the wonders of King Paimon and what sort of things does he do? I’ve heard his name everywhere and know he is incredibly powerful but alas no personal experience. I don’t necessarily work with the highest ranking/strongest entities for my need. I more go where (location, online, books, etc) I’m “compelled to” wrong words but it’s as close as I can get and work with the entities I find there.


:hugs: congrats on your experience!
Hail king paimon

No i don’t keep a personal grimoire; how would you go about starting one? Is there any specifics you reccomend?
I think going over and understanding your failures is a brilliant way to learn but surprisingly mot one i would have thought to do in magick (?). I will start doing what I can to fix issues and all that, and i’ll definitely go and buy a journal or something where i can make pratical notes.