I have a degree in art but have been lax on keeping my skills sharp over the years and developed carpel tunnel pretty bad but… it is slowly getting better and better now I know how to treat it.

I’d be pleased to do some real life portraits of folks, not a divination sketch, just facial and from a photograph sent in PM only. I won’t post those here unless you say not to do it privately. I mean after all, you’ll be sending me a real photo! I only want to do realism but if your prefer an abstract portrait please mention that here! Please also send only images of the front of your face, unless you seriously only want a side view. Front is best. Thanks.

Thanks for the practice. :grinning: :woman_artist:

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I’m in

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Cool. :smile:

This would be cool, I PMd to see if you wanted to

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Sorry can only work on one a day! lol but thanks for the interest, will chk PM now. Was busy starting the first one. Sure, I’ll do one for ya, hopefully, soon as i see the image. :wink:

You know, if you do not get a response from me asap it is because I’m busy working on another portrait and not signed in here on BALG. Please be patient. Give me at least 24 hrs in case i can’t log back in before then. Thank you for understanding. :slight_smile:

Also, I’m only doing pencil sketches for now. Maybe later will do other stuff or media. Depends if I can keep this going indefinitely. The sky is the limit unless I post a Note saying I’m stopping! That may not be for years, if I have my druthers. :smirk: :smiling_imp:

Just ask right here in this thread for a portrait , then I’ll just PM You All first, okay?!!

Great, I would love one :slight_smile:

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