Portal Eyes

Has anybody watched Constantine movie,Anyway?
In tha Movie they Keanu Reeves a.k.a John Constantine in the movie
Use A Cat to enter to Hell is there any Specific method in existence to REALLY Go to HeLL!!!
With help of A Cat


If you hold a cat from its head like that… it will make your life hell first then it will take you there!
But if you want more practical method then try a black mirror instead of a black cat. :slight_smile:


Soul travel.



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I used to astral project with my cat all the time so this scene does make a lot of sense but I never tried staring into their eyes. I was always told not to do that without permission and as I can’t talk to cats… There you go lol.

Also, this.
I think they used a black cat to reflect a black mirror and because people believe “black” cats to be superstitious because of some dumb stories that were told… They probably used a black cat instead of a mirror and with a previous scene showing that mirrors trap souls… It makes sense they’d use something other than a mirror and the cat probably had the most symbolic reference.