Portable place to store magick supplies (it is kind of an idiot question)

I left my unhappy home, consequently, I now live on my own. My living quarters are much smaller now. So I need a way to store my magick stuff that is portable.

I have fishing tackle boxes, for fishing gear, are there portable storage container for things like oils and other stuff that might spill.

I am looking for a bigger place to live but this is what I have now so I need to make it work, but I also need to be respectful of the magickal tools/implements I have made or acquired.

Is there like an old time traveling trunk (like what people might use when traveling in the late 1800s and early 1900s) especially suited for holding these types of things.

I don’t think there is , I usually store all my equipment in a gym bag and keep it locked , a practitioner only needs so many tools , I don’t think you need a whole portable store


I used an old leather trunk until i recently moved cross country.

Within thst trunk I always had a magic on the go bag- it’s a small hand sewn pouch, about the size of a men’s wallet.

It contains an ink pen, a mechanical pencil, a syringe needle (if I need blood), a tea light, a small bit of rope, a very special stone I use with energy work, and a bic lighter.

Pretty much everything I need for any possible working- simply downsized and it can fit in my purse or a coat pocket.

My thought is cut out what you don’t actually need- most of your tools, most likely- until you have a place of your own.

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I can relate to this very much. For a good part of my life I used an old leather luggage bag (like one that you would carry on to a plane). It was very personal to me given that it had been all over the world with me for 15 years, so I thought it was the perfect thing to keep some of my magick supplies in.

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