Pomba Gira Maria Padilha and me

Tonight (in Australia) I completed the Pomba Gira Maria Padilha ritual that I’ve been doing for the past seven nights. Without going into details, some nights were more intense than others, more energy felt present, but I was satisfied with what I was doing because I was seeing results after night three.

To complete the ritual, I took my offerings wrapped in red cloth to a place from my childhood. I kind of let the road take me to where I needed to be with no real idea of where I would end up.

Once I found myself on a dark private road, I stopped and under a tree next to a T junction, I recited the incantation once more and left one more offering. It was dark AF, with no street lights for miles, but by the torch on my iPhone, I completed it. Once I got back in my car, that’s when things changed. Firstly, my car wouldn’t start. Then it started, but it wouldn’t move and stalled. Then I started it again and again, no matter what gear I put it in, it just stalled. I began to panic as I was a long way from home and wouldn’t even know how to get roadside assistance to find me, so I laughed and said, “c’mon” and turned the ignition, and the car began to move like nothing had happened.

I turned around to head home and at the end of the road, I encountered 3 rabbits in front of me. I slowed down so as not to hit them and watched them scurry about as cute as they were. They finally moved off the road and headed home.

As unnerving as my car suddenly not working and as gorgeous as seeing the rabbits jumping about, I took both as an omen and I think Pomba Gira has helped me and as promised to her, I would make my experience pubic in exchange for granting me my wish.

Hail Pomba Gira Maria Padilha and the sisters of the 7 exus. Thank you for what you have done for me.


This is an amazing account! I have recently asked her for help and I feel so confident in her assistance for a few reasons, which I would like to share. First, I called on her without setting up an altar or anything. I read as much as I could about her and decided that I wanted to prepare my room for her arrival. I speak Portuguese (which isn’t necessary, but it was a plus for me to understand what was being said), so I looked on Youtube for Pontos de Pomba Gira de sete saias. I played these while I was readyng up on proper communication and contact with her. I let her know that the next day I would properly venerate her with al altar. That same night I felt her presence all night. I kept waking up and feeling her in my room and I envisioned her sitting at the edge of my bed telling me that all would be ok. It is a feeling… nobody can tell you about. The very next day, with all the confidence in the world, I went out and bought all I would need for her altar and offerings. I also offered other sacrifices that I committed to completing as soon as my fiancé came back to me. I cannot express how grateful I am for the peace and reassurance Rainha Pomba Gira has given me. Playing her pontos and setting everything up for her was so spiritual and her presence was amazing! As you commented I wanted to also let everyone know, as promised, that she is Rainha and helps believers! Obrigado Rainha Pomba Gira de sete saias, Obrigado!!!