I recently banished a spirit and tore up it’s sigil, and the candle burning extinguished by itself. Now I’ve had 2 more occurrences of poltergeist activity where something near me just falls for no reason.
I’m wondering if something like LBRP will be enough for this.

Depends, if the force you produce via LBRP is weaker than the Poltergeist activity, then no. Also, even if you come with a force capable of overcoming it but cant find polter’s source, its likely to fail.

I don’t doubt that LBRP can be effective with enough practise, but I always found an exorcism and a cleansing ritual more fun and more effective for me. The exorcisms I have used are given by E.A. in his evocation course and his book ‘Evoking Eternity’. The cleansing ritual I have done the most times is from the book ‘Magic that Works’ by Nineveh Shadrach.

It’s not necessary to use both an exorcism and a cleansing to remove an unwelcome spirit, or poltergeist activity, but (to me) an exorcism doesn’t generate the same feel-good atmosphere as a cleansing ritual does, and a cleansing ritual doesn’t pack the same “BEGONE!” punch as an exorcism does, so I generally use both.

To me, the effectiveness of LBRP has always seemed more dependent on consistant practise of it than exorcisms and cleansing rituals are, which (again to me) seem to work emmidately first time you do it, as long as you don’t fuck up the ritual too much. This may or may not truly be the case, I can’t really say for sure, since I am biased towards Golden Dawn rituals, and I have never been good at keeping up a consistant practise of LBRP - LBRP bores me too easily.

The poltergeist’s source of power is always the people it’s haunting. It uses their natural magical abilities against them. The people may not know how to focus their attention to magical effect, but these things know how to trick us into doing just that by manipulating our attention.

What happens when it knocks something over? Your attention gets pulled to that location at warp speed! Knocking three times is another common early tactic. Why do you knock on someone’s door? To get the attention of the people inside.

The manifestations only increase if you succumb to these early ploys, giving them more attention than they are worth. If you do, they use that extra attention to escalate, upping their game to loud bangs, which in turn demand even more attention. Things can spiral out of control pretty quickly for some people, especially if they get emotional.

Thanks the problem went away as soon as I stopped paying it any attention.