Poltergeist servitor won't move objects?

Alright, I know I’ve made a lot of topics about servitors lately, but this may be the last one in a long time because once I find good solutions to this issue then I probably won’t make another one of these topics for a while. Anyway, one of the primary purposes of one my first servitors is meant to be a poltergeist, and I’ve instructed it to move objects that are pretty light or shut open doors, and even when I call for it and give it that command, I get nothing. Is there a way to get this servitor to begin creating poltergeist activity when I command it to? This also applies to a servitor I recently just (attempted to at least) created, who is meant to start fires; how do I get them to affect the physical world upon my commands? My astral senses are still weak/nonexistent, so did I even succeed in creating these beings? If I did, again, how do I make them affect the physical world to my demands?


In order for your servitor to affect the physical plane, you must have some form of telekinetic abilities yourself, even if they are subtle.

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What led you to such a conclusion ?.


Gotta be able to perceive it for your servitor to perceive it. :slight_smile:
If we’re talking about psionic servitors anyways.

Anybody know any websites, Discord servers, or forums about psionics or PK? A lot of the OEC (Online Energy Community) seems to be down :confused:


http://www.psipog.net/ This one is a little harder to get into. They want you to sense the energy of the page to find the link.

http://ididitforthe.lol/psi/ This is an archive of readings from back when it was a public website.



Once I see results in psionics, will my servitors follow suit, or will they not work since I made them before I had sufficient psionic abilities and I should therefore make new ones? Wouldn’t feeding them energy give them the ability to follow such commands, or since again, they were created before I had telekinetic abilities, would that not help?

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http://ididitforthe.lol/psi/psipog.net/cat-constructs.html This might help.

But yea, they will follow your abilities. The thing is servitors if created through psionics are only as strong as their creator.

How long ago did you create your servitor? How do you feed it and how often?
These factors do contribute to how well your servitor works…they need time and energy to grow in strength and power.

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I disagree!
I have created Servitors which have abilities I don’t possess (reason why I created them) and also ones which became far stronger and more powerful than I am in the areas I created them for.
What would be the point of creating something which I am perfectly capable of and able to do myself?


^servitors can become their own beings with their own conscious. But it’s all about how much energy you put into them I mentioned before my mentor at the time had servitors you could feel even if you weren’t intuned into the spiritual.

Those took him 40 days with ten minutes charging each to get to that point.

And the Tibetan tulpas I read they actually became really people with physical forms of that makes since.

It’s like a child the more you put into it the better adult they will become.

I hope I didn’t ramble to much and made sense :anguished:

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I believe my lover servitor and my poltergeist servitors were made less than a week ago, and got confirmation of my lover servitor being alive 4 days ago. The fire one I made just this morning. I sometimes think of them and called for them and felt the appropriate emotion that I had them feed off of, but I haven’t done anything like blood offerings yet.

So they are incredibly new then, I think you need to have a bit more patience.

When you say sometimes, how often?

Not sure why you would be making offerings to a servitor, could you explain this in more detail for me please?

It does seem that you are asking too much too soon. I would concentrate on forming a strong relationship with your servitors and also ensuring they have plenty of energy.
They need time to grow and develop.
You wouldn’t expect a new born baby to run a marathon or a week old puppy to set to work as a guide dog for the blind…would you?!

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Usually a few times (around 5-20+ times, it varies) I think of them briefly, say their name to summon either in my head, or quietly under my breath when I’m around others (if I’m alone, I say their name louder than usual) to get them near me, and try to get the of the appropriate emotion that they’re supposed to feed off of, or at the very least, they should get some nourishment from my attention; this is a brief process.

Well, maybe “offering” isn’t quite the right word, but I’ve heard that giving them my own blood (such as on their sigil) would be a way for them to get a lot of energy.

That’s very true, I should be more patient. Perhaps I should meditate on them for longer (perhaps while holding or gazing at their sigils) and try talking to them so they gain more intelligence and social skills just as talking to a person gets them more social skills, and if possible, use my ritual dagger to put some of my blood on their sigils while also calling their names and telling them that it’s theirs to energize themselves. Would that be the way to go to get them stronger, and then they’d eventually be able to do things like affect the physical world or I’d be able to [almost] physically feel my love servitor give me sexual favors?

Was blood as a source of energy/food something that you put in the construction of the servitors? Because if not I personally wouldn’t worry about using it.
I have never chosen to use anything other than emotion and an outside source to feed a Servitor.
I also personally don’t use the sigil, I see “imagine” the servitor coming to me as real (as for eg a person) and engage in conversation/thought with them tho I am aware that everyone does things differently.
Try not too stress too much about the process and just enjoy spending time with them for now, they will grow and do what they were created for if fed and cared for!

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No, I don’t recall writing blood down as food for them, so I guess that means less cuts for me! sighs I believe the common factor they all have is my attention that feeds them, so I hope that will be sufficient.

That sounds pretty easy, thank you! When someone evoked my lover servitor, they noted that she was wearing an outfit I didn’t visualize her wearing; even though I’m okay with that, if I visualize her more and “talk” to her she will wear the correct sorceress outfit that she wears in the game she’s from?

Does it matter if I speak to them with my thoughts, quietly/without opening my mouth (when I’m around others), or out loud just like another person (when I’m alone)?

She will be as you imagine her to be, so if you wish to see her in that outfit that’s what she’ll be wearing.

Doesn’t matter, go with what you feel most comfortable with.
I always speak with mine telepathically or empathically as it’s what feels natural to me.

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Just out of curiosity, how is your servitor coming along?