Poltergeist Activity

I was not sure if this was the right place for this thread.

I have begun working through all the exercises in Works of Darkness. I especially enjoy the Demonic Sigil Magic.

I have started experiencing poltergeist activity in the temple. For example, objects being moved around the room.

I don’t feel any kind of malevolent vibe. It’s more like the spirits are just saying, “Hey, we’re here.” Or I look at the particular object to see if it might symbolize a specific message.

Has anyone here experienced similar phenomena? I find it curious and interesting.

I had Poltergeist Activity before i start my spiritual activities. I dont have then anymore after i started my rituals, doesnt make sense, does it? Haha

I had poltergeist activity for about a week after my dog past away. I used a basic sigil where I made a statement of intent and crossed out the vowels and repeating letters and then made a sigil from that.

I also used a Karl Hans Welz radionic program along with his orgone shooter for extra power.

Anyway, My intent for the sigil was to have my dog give me a sign that he is ok. On three seperate occasions in the following week after his death the water bowl which was full of water lifted up about three foot in the air and spun around and flung water all over the floor then landing about two to three foot away from the wall where it was origionally sitting. . This was a huge water bowl (the big metal kind). It also happend in front of my wife and kids.

I have had other activity such as a beer bottle lift up about a foot and a half off the 20 pack that it was sitting on and smashed against the wall.

Once while I was in ritual with Belial my Kuerig turned on and started to pour tea for me. After the ritual I heard a female voice gasp and started to chatter as the disembodied voice left the room. It was 1:30am I laughed and went to bed.

I have experienced several instances of poltergeist activity while working with Evoking Eternity and Book of Azazel. Objects disappearing and then reappearing days or weeks later. I once sat my copy of EE on a professional grade music stand and watched it topple forward about an hour later while I was sitting on my sofa. There are many more examples I could list, needless to say these have never been malevolent just a very vocal “hello” just to let me know they are near.

Whenever I’ve experienced poltergeist activity, and I have many times before, I approach it scientifically.

  1. Was anyone there when it happened? Are these persons trust worthy?
  2. Did I witness it happen? Was I alone or with someone else?
  3. If I was with someone else, can the other person testify without my provocation?
  4. Was the even recorded in any way?
  5. What has been the residual effect upon myself and others?
  6. Forget about it until someone else brings it up again.

Theo which spirit were you working with when the activity occurred?I’ve been doing some

I was going to mention Belial, too!

Yes, particularly rappings, and almost always as a friendly “hello,” or, “Let’s get on with it,” if I’m stalling. Also, I keep wondering when and whether anyone’s going to notice that electric lights go crazy around me, especially right when I walk by. I keep thinking someone’s bound to notice and flip out someday…

Knocks on the celling and stuff… sometimes I know they’re just the cats but other times it kinds of clear, specially after -or while- doing some work it happens, but nothing I can consider disrespectful… I used to feel the spirits touching me, waking me up many times so I don’t over-sleep, but I didn’t liked and I have “forbide” any “thouching” from any spirit…

I had Poltergeist Activity before i start my spiritual activities. I dont have then anymore after i started my rituals, doesnt make sense, does it? Haha

lol then I guess you’re really good at banishing (how do you banish?)

In the past I lived a crazy haunted life for a while when I was studing out there in the big capital going from haunted pension to haunted pension… so I got some crazy stories… here are 3 of them…

in one, and old apparment building, the TV will just turn on randomly at any time and sometimes wth more people present, I also begin my out-of the body experiments there and after a year or so I knew about a little kid that had died in the elevator, he steped when the thing was not there and died, it was the son of a concierge, it was really sad story and the elevator was always being repared and I don’t know why but always stopped at 4th floor even tho there was none outside it was creepy, and some times (this has happened to me in my places) the elevator stops in my floor with none outside and none inside… kids playing? from beyond ?! mmm…

in another, the same, was a house a little kid had died, a girl, Imoved out when some woke up looking at my face like right next to me… first I thought it was the lady of the house but the face was too young, anyway I was told by my grand parents the lady’s little girl had died like at 7 or 8 years old and well I kind of was in her room… in that same room my window used to be knoeckd and I developed a realtionship with an entity in which I would say “alright wake me up at some crazy hour to finish the work/to to class, thnks!”… that room was in second floor there was no way someone could just reach the windows.

by far the craziest was a very old “casona”, a house from the spanish conquest time in Santiago, very dark and with no lights since the earthquake (2010)… there I saw my first apparition, I woke up with a feelingthere was someone there, I didin’t look and turned my back (I was fully covered like a coward, I used to be one) anyway the “thing” didn’t quite like it and walked through me giving me a very awkward sensation and stood right there in front of me, it was a woman with mid long black hair, pale skin and white cloths, I don’t remember well if she had glasses and if she was wearing a dress or a “suit”… man she seemed wicked and dissapeared in the form of a purple siloutte… and well I have been seen a fucking purple orb since then, some times very close, sometimes near the walls… fuck I was ignorant at that time and many “light workers” told me the purple was “the nicest color” “is very spiritual” and shit… well that lady didn’t and do not have any “nice” intention and I’ve been working towards her destruction and I’m having success

I get phantom footsteps ALL the time. Whenever I hear it I know what I’m doing is working. Personally, I’m totally down with this kind of stuff.

Has anyone asked a spirit to perform some kind of poltergeist activity to show that they’re there? If so did they? I’m having problems feeling the presence of spirits so I sometimes make this request but nothing happens.

When I received Elegua the santero who did the ceremony instructed me to “talk to him”, and I was somewhat skeptical due to childhood background with cristian prayer, so I asked how I would know he actually heard me to which he responded in a very serious tone, “Oh, he can here you.” Sure enough when I speak to the fetish things always line up as if he was actually face to face.

My thought is that rather than 'movement' being psychokinetic (or tele-) as if something/someone grabs something to move it somewhere, or just to knock it over as a sign... instead, it is a result of a "place" having a field that is charged like a pressure, like there is a pushing into (upon/pulling- not in a dir) the space, and when there is an opening/tear/slippage in that field-equilib it results in movement- as if a push/pull etc..

 and such a slip-unevenness in that equlibrated-field  happens when attention is focused clearly upon something (whether by something/-one other-There, a spirit, or a 'person' here: like vaguely sensing a room- but there is something that catches your attn
- if directed at a person, that type of attn is felt- that kind of thing if in addition the Field is Charged-Pressure (yet not just the "look there" kind of purposeful thought- as if you "look at" someone by choice that wont really be felt, as much as something that catches/triggers the Mind, sets a wave-flow)

------Ive noticed the context changes in rites or just in general when it seems all the movement-presences (spirits or just Ewindflows) are in the physical area (as TV shows ghosts being, insubstatial but as if in that spot there), vs when it seems all the movement-presences are in a space that can be seen and sensed (and you feel-know is “here”, but it isn’t like in this room)- ie eyes open or closed sense something “in front of you” and SEE it, but not as if you could trace it in the room, as it is in the 2nd layer … (Ive found some of EAs stuff shifts things so they are all in the “2nd layer” even not in ritual, thus a Wandering Spirit will seem to be there, and no longer seem to be in the rm as before… or the other way and can sense/encounter more “phantom” types… particularly when I started working Bk of Azazel, prev I had been working Kingdoms of Flames names, and others and had strong “pressure-type near-polter and Presences”… but starting to work by BoAZAZEL that hushed and yet tuning to this other place there was more than (wandering in) then they’d be There before…

[  not sure if it adds, just sort of formulating that out here.      might relate/help direct to having sought expers, or why moving away from ]

I think these terms relate to the “auric” type of the Worker (ie whether even a day or two later, you’re out and about not even thinking about Workings, and people sense vibs from you, as well as you sense around, vs times where you can walk out of a Rite and still be InPresence yet it isn’t in the “1st layer” (?) not sure if that’s why, but still InPresence radiating/streaming from you, and no one reacts around you… etc