Poltergeist activity?

I was just in the Kitchen feeding the Dog and I turned my back to leave it when I heard a massive crash.

The halogen oven went whizzing across the room on its own, about 3 foot in total and smashed into the wall.

The Dog carried on eating, I did not feel any ‘evil’ just lots of energy.

I have had PK energy before, is this energy coming from me? a spirit? an entity thing to communicate?

It is the 3rd thing to happen this week now.No logical reasoning can be found either?


I doubt the energy is coming from you. It could be from your own hex work, as someone has detected a casting and did a return to sender. Or perhaps some of the energy from your casting of ill intent has backfired and been redirected to you for whatever reason.


Perhaps you should cleanse your home and remove excess energy. The cleansing will remove any unwanted Spirits while removing excess energy will remove any energy which is causing these events.


My only hex work was a while ago and I have 4 types of protection on the property and around it.
I have bouts of PK energy that screw with electrics sometimes.

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Very interesting. Hmmmm…

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I was really agitated as the phone has been ringing all day and the dishwasher blew too today. Must just be one of those times when my PK is out of control again.
LBP ritual should sort it and relaxing

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Yeah that could be excess energy.

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I was thinking about King Paimon soon before this, but I am really sure it was nothing at all to do with him.

I have too much energy. If I don’t let it out it goes wild.

I don’t know how to get rid of it. I normally release it during spellwork but I have not done anything for a while.

Only positive Evocations… I did ask King Paimon for an increase in my psychic abilities though last week :thinking:


Maybe he’s trying to get your attention?

You should return excess energy gathered during Rituals back to the Earth and this can be done via grounding.

Perhaps it is a Spirit. Check with King Paimon to make sure it’s not one of his legionaries or a familiar he has given you before you banish.

Regarding the last statement, perhaps they have opened now?

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Thank you for your answers. I have always had a strong ability,but I wanted it stronger still.

I will check actually. I plan to evoke him again in the early morning, so we shall see :slight_smile:

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Keep us posted (unless it’s personal).

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Thank you. I will. I have had nothing since this happened.

Thanks for the grounding information, I needed that.

It can’t have been anything to be concerned about as the Dog didn’t care at all. He is a little hellhound though that loves lying next to my altar. :slight_smile: thanks again

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I will say that during and after my first invocation and evocation of King Paimon I had paranormal activity. It was mostly sounds of walking around the room and then going into another room and messing with stuff and coming back in. Nothing was broken or out of place though. After the ritual I keep on to this day seeing shadowy figures out in public or weird anomalies (shadows of objects that look like they’re trying to project into this realm). For those interested in what KP and I are working on is different aspects of magic I’m interested in, psychic and astral abilities. I’ve only had this happen with one other which was Lucifer. Same thing, we were working on a different aspect of astral and psychic abilities. Saw shadows of both animate and inanimate objects or figures. Nothing maliscious though.

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