Poisoned Lotus

Day 1


The crow’s song is sweeter than any angelic voice

Cut pieces from the cadaver as the scavengers rejoice

Don’t weep for the transgressor, he showed no repentance

Bring dishonor on my name I dispense divine vengeance

Spoils are divided. Wolves, birds, maggots, flys

As the blood feeds the soil ecosystems intertwined

Death breeds life this is the secret silver lining

Storm clouds pour down as the spirits emerge from hiding.

The forecast called for more rain, pain, and darkness

Fan the flames contain deep inside my brain remain cautious

Or be the next carcass caught and carved I’m starved for attention

Bet the feds will feed me soon as national news gives me a mention

I’m the great white, diving deep into your subconscious

Just to make known what most basic whoes fail to acknowledge

Draped in armored garments for varmints who start drama. Feel their karma

Firearms spark em. Return mind to calm and collect commas.

Recording of this journey began on impulse. Starting in the middle. Will brief on events leading up to this as time allows.

Subject of tonight’s rituals, what fuels your contempt? Upon reflection, the target that is the greatest source of my hatred is identified.

“This is the only tool needed to resolve this engagement.”

“To be expanded on in due time”- Azazel

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The ritual that first made me start this journal started out as a rather simple meditation of the sphere of Golachab. Before this night I had grown fairly lethargetic and dispassionate with both my practices and life in general. I had a general feeling that this sphere in particular would help me cut through whatever blockages I had.

I invoked the sphere using the formulas in the book of sitra ahra, and created a specific sigil for the purposes and finding motivation. Then I made some incense from the herbs I had recently acquired, and burned both the incense and the charged sigil before meditating.

The vision I received was that of myself in a body that was far more fit than the one I have now. I would say, MMA fighter level. I was facing a dark, malevolent version of myself. My first thought pointed towards it being my shadow self, which is not your enemy, but a side of yourself you are meant to integrate. But as I looked deeper into this individual, the letters “I.O.B.” came to mind.

After doing some research, I remembered I’d seen the I.O.B. technique years before in a book about Kabalah. It involves singling out the negative parts of yourself, anthropomorphism them, and exorcising them as if it were the removal of a demon. This would indicate that whatever creature I encountered, it was a blockage. Waste to be burned off or sacrificed. The useful material was buried beyond this adversary.

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Kaun… a very interesting rune.
There was a time i worked very closely with it and made a talisman from it.
I used to call this rune, the rune of Lucifer.

Interesting to see you used the formulas of The Book Of Sitra Ahra, as i am thinking on using the book in opening my forthcoming pathworkings myself.

Deffinetely keep track of your journal.
I sense some very interesting stuff is coming…

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Interestingly, Lucifer is one of the beings I’ve worked with the most. That particular rune reminds me of the black flame, so I understand how you came to that name.

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Integration vs exorcism

It’s important that one recognizes that which can be integrated, vs that which is discarded.

Most of the obstacles to our success can be removed through the use of will and ritual. If one is a procrastinator, this is combated by developing healthy work habits, as just one example.

Some things tend to stick with us. Chronic mental disorders, past traumas, abnormal mental quirks. Some things are difficult to erase, even with the best magic( which is not to say the possibility does not exist). Even with that in your way, there’s always a way to heal, learn, and adapt. Do not make excuses. Do not become a victim. Do not give into self loathing. You are the sovereign ruler of your own existence.

My depression is one of my greater adversaries, and one that appears to have taken up permanent residence. This does not deter me. Know the signs of a depressive episode, stay one step ahead, fall into predetermined routines that counteract the the sensation of falling into that pit, do not break protocol. These are the steps I’ve been able to master.

The enemy before me now is of a different nature. One I’ve come to understand through meditation. And one whose weaknesses are apparent. With these details in mind, I move towards extermination.


I place a bone carving of the rune in my hand, and dive into meditation. I focus my attention on the blame flame at the core of my being, and I shape the flames into the form of the rune. The toxic trait which I had encountered earlier comes forth, knowing its time is at an end.

Scratching. Clawing. Biting.

The creature struggles in vain. The flames spring forth from my body, and my entire temple becomes a blazing furnace. This is the forge where steel is tempered, and weapons are crafted to perfection. This is where the impure is met with the strikes of many daggers, then burned and cast away. The worthless is devoured, and the flame is fed.

Incense formula for this ritual: Clove, dragons blood, frankincense, Thistle. Exact proportions unknown. Was mixed my intuition.

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